Monday, June 20, 2011

Updates and random thoughts

I have an update on my ongoing romance with tamoxifen.  I have to have a endometrial biopsy.  Evidently, ladies, your endometrial layer should be 4 mm.  Mine, however, is a WHOPPING 1 cm.  So, off I go for more testing.  :)

I've become a Power Seller on eBay. What does this mean, you may ask.  One thing it means is that I've been working eBay like it's a job and not just an enjoyable hobby.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I sold a LOT of silver coins on eBay.  They're on to me.  In fact, eBay powers that be, are so "in tune" with the climate of the marketplace, they have opened a Precious Metal Bullion section of eBay.  I guess they heard the price of silver had risen.  Don't they read my blog?  I don't think I'm going to be a power seller for long.  Alas, the well has run dry.  :)

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks.  Yeah, I'm feeling lazy and tired.  Not a good combination.  I'm going with the fewer calories in, in order to fit in my pants.  I need to turn this action around soon.  :)

I'm going to San Diego, CA in a couple weeks.  I haven't been there in 21 years.  I'm sure it's changed a lot.  If anyone wants to tell me fun things to do while I'm there, please do.  I'm staying in the gas lamp district.  I've never been there.  I've heard about a mystery dinner theater.  Is that a fun thing to do?  I'm open to suggestions.  I'll even consider going to the zoo, but it's not my favorite idea.  :)

This is my 99th post on my blog.  Wow.  99.  I know a lot of you have WAY more than this, but this is where I am.  For my 100th post I'm going to write 100 things about me.  I wonder if I can think of 100 things?  :)

Last Friday my boss asked me how to make a smiley face on the computer.  :)  I told him how and when he looked at it he said, "That's not a smiley face."  *shrug*

I read a blog about not having expectations about other people.  The example given was this.  If you ask someone to do something for you, and they say they will do it, and then they don't do it, don't get upset.  Adults can do whatever they want.  If they don't want to do something they've committed to doing, that's just the way it goes.  It was your fault for expecting them to do what they said they were going to do.  Huh?  I've got to think about this some more.  I'm just not getting something.  :)

Canada's postal system is on strike.  How can they do that?  I've got a buyer for eBay stuff and I can't mail it to them.  I guess I'll use UPS.  *rhymes*   :)

I've been having a hard time writing poetry.  I admire the blogging poets I read.  I don't know how your minds work, but it must be busy in there.  :)

I'm getting over the idea that my blog is going viral.  haha  Last month I wrote a post, I took an arrow in the chest.  I don't know what happened, but it kept getting page view after page view.  (us blogger have a dashboard that we can see these things on)  Anyway, for a month, I thought I was pretty darn popular.  Now things are back to "normal" and I'm feeling kinda down about it.  I've got to get over myself.  :)

All in all, life is good.  It's the end of the fiscal year at work.  This will keep me busy at work.  I think I'll buy a new book for my kindle.  Something entertaining and not controversial.  There's enough controversial stuff out in the blogosphere.  :)


  1. I'm sorry you are having to go through that medical testing, hg.  {{{HUG}}} 

    As far as stats go - I am still getting hits on a post that I labeled "Tom & Jerry" two years ago.  Sometimes it's just what you name your posts.  But that arrow post was a good one. 

    Have you ever read Heather Armstrong's blog?   She wrote something hateful about her boss on her blog and got fired for it.  She parlayed that into a such a successful "mom" blog that she reportedly makes 40K a month (at least) just from the ads on it.  Now that's the life. 

  2. This was such a good post. I really enjoyed reading it after being absent from blogland for a while. So many things I can relate too.

    San Diego-I've been there and stayed in the gas light districbeautiful. I don't have any ideas though, because all we did was eat, go to the zoo, and go to Sea World.

    The expectation thing-this one can get me on my soap box a bit. I have been told the same thing by someone-"you can't have expectations on me, and I can do whatever I want." While that is true, this way of thinking does come with consequences, but you see, this person didn't want to have to experience the consequences of her desire for a "no expectations, I can do whatever I want" belief. I'll stop there so I don't leave an incredibly boring, long comment on your wonderful post, but this is definitely a great thinking topic :)

    And the blog thing-I love your blog. I can relate to the feeling-well not the viral thing. Lately, I've had like 4 or 9 pageviews a day :) but of course, if I would actually post something, maybe it wouldn't be so low. Or maybe it still would. And apparently, I'm having posting withdrawals as I've just basically left  a post in your comments so I'll stop blabbing now.

    Enjoy your book and thanks for the great post to read.  
    Praying for your appointment.

  3. you really dont want to look in my mind...haha. nice..have fun in SD...about to take a break after tomorrow and head to baltimore to hang out with U2...need to get my mojo back any way...way to go power seller...smiles.

  4. Hi Happygirl!
    Yes, go to the mistery dinner and tell us about it! Who are you going with? your husband or your friends?

  5. Congrats on the 99 posts!  That's really great!

    San Diego sounds like so much fun!  Hope you have a wonderful time!

    Hope the tests go well, too!

  6. I am catching up on your blog posts. My wife was on tamoxifen for about 2 years. The dangers are from endometrial cancer so it is good that you are getting checked out further.

    I get impatient with people who say that they are going to do something and then don't. I don't think that it is a defect if I have an expectation that someone will be honest and do what they said.  If they can't, then they need to say that they cannot do it.  It is impossible to get rid of all expectations IMO.

  7. Thanks for the commiseration on the expectations thought.  Really?  You say you will do something, then you don't.  And my disappointment is my problem.  Yep, consequences will be in order.  :)

  8. Husband, but I consider him a friend.

  9.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  You made my day.  :)

  10. Her blog is so professional.  I think the job she was fired from was a web design job.  Her blog is GORGEOUS.  Thanks for the thumbs up on the arrow post.  :)

  11. i love your blog

  12.  Thanks.  I can't tell who you are, but I'd love for you to follow, so I can get to know you too.


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