Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loose change

Discs of metal in my pocket
Clinking together rubbing etching
My phone.  Oh, now it
Is scratched.  Hated loose change.
Damn pennies, darn dimes and nickles

Manganese, aluminum, silver,
Extravagant cost to produce for
No value.  Why the copper?
Use credit instead of this coin
Of the land, it's outdated.

Dirty, filthy in the people's hands
It's been passed from shop girl
To church plate to far away lands
Why bother.  This bother of
Currency found useless to most.

In sock drawer or locked safe
A treasure hides quiet.  'Till one
Learns a scheme, a way
To CASH IN on tender distained
By silver and gold and platinum cards

A market of metal and stock
Find value in previous mintage unloved.
Release the silver to hungry young hawk
Preying on treasure.  Sit back and enjoy
A trade made at pace slow and steady.

Enjoy the found bounty and surprising
Reward recovered in discs loved mostly
By vending machines and everything
Slotted.  'Tis joy to find change in excess
For what?  An iPhone may scratch that itch.


  1. Hi Happygirl, I think I love your humor, I get you! I read thru several of your posts and you do have something to say and it has been fun reading thru. Ok, back to it, thanks! Loved it!

  2. ha. so that is what you will be spending you sales money on...nice...and a nice verse...

  3. This poem got me to thinking... wouldn't it be fascinating to follow the life of a coin - or a twenty dollar bill for that matter? All the way around the globe, on its many different adventures......

  4. Release the silver and its lining. Loved this...

  5. you rock at poetry whereas i? do the opposite of rocking. love this.

  6. I would love to be able to write poetry. I'm trying, but struggling. I thank goodness for all the encouraging poets out in the blogesphere. Thanks. And I can take criticism. Really, I've got no ego in this.

  7. Yeah, I'd be happy to follow the money.

  8. Happygirl! I love your poetry! I wish I was that talented.

  9. You do have talent! Keep at it! Loved the humor in this.

  10. This was a great ride through the world of change...I agree with the other are gifted at poetry!

  11. Enjoy the found bounty and surprising
    Reward recovered in discs loved mostly
    By vending machines and everything

    loved this!

  12. Someday...but us humans, we don't like change...(pun intended...?)

  13. The music of coins is a happy song indeed!

  14. This is so clever! I love it!

  15. Just saying, this means a lot. I really admire your writing. I want to get better.

  16. such rhythm and song in this, girl. loved it.

  17. This is a lot of fun -- and very clever!

  18. an iPhone may scratch that itch - ah, happygirl, this makes me giggle.


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