Happy Thoughts

Check this post to see why I post the Happy Thoughts

I'm happy I don't have to live with so much drama in my life.

I'm so happy our best friend IS a lawyer, as well as an AWESOME litigator.

Today I don't think I'll hire a lawyer, but we never know what tomorrow will bring.

I am praying she doesn't kill herself.

Drinking water is the BEST thing you can do for your body.

When you watch someone you know prostitute themselves for money, it's sometimes best to just "step away."

Having a job in these tough economic times is a good thing.  Even if it's not the greatest job.

I missed my favorite tweeter while she was gone, but now she's back.

I see small steps of maturity in my son.  

I cannot control the actions of other people.

People who talk poor and beg for money are probably not very happy people.  There is no sense of gratitude in them.

She wasn't able to grow her own dreads, so she put them in her kid's head.

Picnics in the summer are so much fun.

Being happy for someone is much easier than wishing them harm.  Why is this so hard for me?

I have a WONDERFUL husband and I feel this way MOST of the time.

If I have a choice, choose to forgive


Spring is almost here!!!

C'mon get happy.  Partridge Family

I do care.

I do love my son and believe his future is bright.

She will look so unique with dreadlocks.  Unique and funny!

My voice makes a sound.

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time. ~Edith Wharton

Flying dreams are the BEST!

Everything is perception, sort of.

I am so happy I married a man with a mind of his own.

I think blogging IS serious writing.  It's the most serious writing I've ever done.

I exercised my body today.

Just realized, I'm smiling and I really don't know why.  Maybe I'm just feeling happy?

There are supportive, encouraging women out there in the world.  And, some of them have made contact with me through this blog.  LOVE THAT!

I'm ok, even if I don't lose any weight.  (I really need to remember this!)

I choose how I relate to people in my life.

There is no need to shovel rain.

A rainy day can give you time to BE.


  1. read this i think it will put a smile on your face , while your eating it :) http://unspeackablelove2.blogspot.com/2011/01/fun-thought-fun-recipe.html

  2. Hiya Happy! You visited and commented on my blog yesterday but I couldn't click on your name to visit you (?). Then, I found you through Emily's blog, imperfect prose. How perfect *smile*

    Nice to "meet" you!

  3. nyc blog......... worth reading.. =)

  4. Wow, this was an amazing read! You go Happygirl! Continue being happy with yourself and being the strong person you are! I love reading blog post and seeing what makes people happy!
    I have a video called "What makes you happy" and thought you would enjoy watching it!


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