Friday, April 1, 2011

When it rains, it pours

I can't believe I've been bestowed another blogging award.  I feel so honored.  I want to thank Joybird at A Songbird in His Court for the Stylish Blogger Award and Elaine at Hidden Heartbeat for the Versatile Blogger Square and both of them for thinking of my blog.  Along with these awards comes a bit of work.  I am to list seven things my readers may not know about me.  Now, this isn't as easy as it sounds.  I tell you guys quite a bit about myself.  Here goes.

1.  I love TV too much.  I think the DVR is the best invention EVER.  One of my favorite shows is Hoarding:  Buried Alive.  I've got it on now, while I'm blogging.  My husband HATES this show.  He will not come near me while I'm watching.  Bwahaha.  Secret solitude maker.

2.  I color my hair.  Hahaha, who doesn't.  Really.  I mean, I just saw a commercial showing a guy being asked for milk by a gorgeous woman, but goes out to buy hair color and color his hair before he gives her the milk he almost forgets to buy, as well.

3.  I wear black pants to work EVERY DAY.  I have more than one pair, but I only wear black pants.  I think they make my butt look smaller.  Isn't that FUNNY.

4.  I still don't believe in Global Warming.  I know they've changed the terminology to "Climate Change," but too bad, I don't believe it and you can't tell me any different.  Do you think I'm a bad person now?  I know the "protection" of our earth is the new religion of the day, and I'm good with being a good steward and not being wasteful.  I just haven't bought into the theory that this isn't a sequential rise and fall of temperature in the earth's condition.  Don't get me started.

5.  I'm a Christian.  I know I've indicated that I'm struggling with the Church, but I'm still a believer.  I just want to make that clear.  I've mostly found the Church is losing it's footing in the Truth.

6.  I have NEVER used an ATM to withdraw money.  I've only used one TWICE, and both times I made a deposit.  Btw, I no longer know my PIN number, so, I guess that won't happen again.

7.  I quit smoking in 1991.  Aren't I AWESOME!!!!  I know the ONLY TRULY EVIL THING in this world is smoking and I DON'T DO IT.  Now, maybe some day my dad will read my blog (haha) and know that I smoked (haha) 'cause I always told him I didn't smoke.  I'm outted now.

Now I get to do the FUN part of getting the awards.  I get to link you to 15 new bloggers I've found that I LOVE.  Well, I haven't been blogging that long.  I know my profile says I started in February 2010, but I was not very consistent back then.  I consider Christmas 2010 the start of my blogging.  These are my favorite bloggers, not counting the bloggers I follow that are MEGA BLOGGERS.  They can choose either or both of the awards and then follow the conditions of the award.  I LOVE these blogs.  ENJOY.

1.  A Family of Movers is blog I love.  Lynne is a wonderful mother of three girls and one baby on the way.  She works full time and still finds time to blog and share her life with the world.  I admire her SO MUCH.  My favorite post is Picture Update.  Isn't her family beautiful?

Homemaker Design is another blog I enjoy.  I love the blog and the ENCOURAGEMENT I get from Homemaker's posts and belief.  My favorite post is I Took The Plunge.  I REALLY admire bloggers with pretty pictures.

3.  Mom of the bride musings is a blog by flower power mama, a mother of a bride.  She is planning a wedding at her home for her daughter.  I can't even IMAGINE doing this.  My favorite post is leaky eye syndrome.  I was SO happy when she found her dress.  I mean, really, it's all about HER, isn't it?

4.  My Blessed Life is by Amber.  She is a single mom of a gorgeous tween.  She is so POSITIVE.  I can't imagine being in her shoes and admire her so much.  She is so upbeat.  My favorite post is you could have bought me dinner first...  She seems to have my sense of humor and I LOVE it.

5.  Sunshine Radical by Hanni.  Hanni is currently in Educador with a drama team.  She is an apartment homesteader in NYC and I admire her so much.  My favorite blog is I'm exhausted.  Maybe 'cause I spent so much time on these croissants.  I REALLY want to learn how to bake.  This young girl is baking CROISSANTS.  I LOVE THAT.

6.  A Sonoma Garden is a blog I wish would post more often.  I know this mom has three young children and doesn't blog for my enjoyment.  I wait with baited breath for her next post.  My favorite is How to Make a Lavendar Wand.  Can you imagine anything so beautiful?

7.  A thousand words is another blog I enjoy.  Kati is a citizen of the world.  I met her while she was living in the Sudan.  Now she is in Lebanon.  I love how she SEES the people around her.  My favorite post is a boy and his little sister.  I LOVE the way she sees them.

8.  Baking Me is a blog I have just discovered.  Like I've said, I'm eager to begin to bake and Anne is in culinary school and take GORGEOUS pictures.  I want to be her.  No, I don't, but I want to be the baker she is.  She is VERY new to blogging and my favorite post is Honey Goat Cheese Biscuits.  Don't these look DELICIOUS?!?

9.  Darby's Essential Oils Info is another blog I love and wish would blog more often.  Hey, not a criticism, just love it when you post.   My favorite post is Cool Peppermint.  Peppermint is my FAVORITE essential oil and it really worked for the hiccups.  I would love to learn more about essential oils and quit my job and teach people about them.  I hope I'll have time to learn and blog about them someday.  I love your blog Darby.

10.  Chateau A la Mode is a beautiful blog by Valarie.  This blog has gorgeous pics in home decor, fashion and food.  Valarie has a style that I admire SO much.  Her blog makes me long for the life on the beach.  I LOVE IT.  My favorite post, and it is so hard to choose, is Wishing my house were clean.  Oh, you know it's my dream, too.

11.  Portland Peeps is a blog I JUST FOUND TODAY!!!  Cindy promised me she would tell me how to raise chickens while living in the city if I followed her blog.  Now she HAS to teach me.  I don't have a fave post yet, but check her out.

12.  Southern Gal Thoughts is another new blog I've found.  This southern gal is someone I want to get to know better.  Her pictures are so pretty and she seems to have a firm grasp of Christ's love of the world.  I need this fundamental truth telling.

13.  Out of My Alleged Mind is a blog by Nancy.  I love the stories she tells and the way she leads my to the truth.  My favorite post is Happily Ever After.  This is truth.

14.  View from the Prairie Box is a blog by a FABULOUS photographer.  My favorite thing about her blog is her pictures.  And, she encourages other bloggers to take pics and blog all through December.  There were holiday pictures EVERYWHERE.  I wish I took pictures.

15.  My Own Version by Mariza is a beautiful blog about a family getting ready to go on the road in an RV.  I can't believe how scary and exciting that would be.  Mariza is a homeschooling mom of two pretty girls.  She is new to blogging, but blogs A LOT.  I can't choose a favorite post.

That's it.  I haven't been blogging long enough to have found enough blogs to give out awards.  Now I'm going to tell all these bloggers they are WINNING.   I'm NOT going to speak of *you know who*.


  1. Congratulations on your awards! Thank you for including me in the new blogs you love! It did make me happy and smile and totally made my day:)

  2. Well, aren't you sweet? Thank you for listing mine as a blog you love. You're right. This did make me smile. :0)

  3. rock those awards...excellent job on stopping smoking...and no ATM for real...i get charged extra if i go in the bank...i go in once a month cause its free that time...

  4. Happygirl! You are so sweet! What a nice compliment to say that I blog a lot and that you like my posts! Unfortunately, on my upcoming post I explain that I won't be blogging for several days! What are my new readers going to think??? I'm going on my weekend getaway! I leave tomorrow morning. I hope I have as much fun as you did on your fun weekend with your girlfriends. Thank you for saying that my blogs is one of your favorites! I feel so special. Your blog is one of my favorites, too! You put under your description that you are not a writer, but I think that you are a fabulous writer! I'll have to catch up with all of your posts when I return since I won't have access to the internet during my little vacation.
    Write to you soon.

  5. Hello Miss HappyGirl, I just checked my emails from a VERY long day today and was so tickled to be one of your faves. You're made me smile. Thanks for your kind words and your "happy" blog. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi HappyGirl, you've totally made my day! I feel very honored to be included on your fav blogs list. I promise to write some chicken posts when spring finally arrives around here. Thanks for being my blog friend.

  7. Yay, yay, yay! (Now that I've decided to spell this word this way I use it a lot) Fun post. I knew you'd rock this award. I'm so with you on #4. My bro works with Nasa and he has shared some interesting (and little known) facts about how the climate change data has been collected and analyzed. Anyways. Cool choices, those blogs will be fun to explore and I had Kati on my list, too.

  8. Yep! You made me smile! Thanks so much! I'm flattered!!! I need to write more frequently but lately I've been at a loss for words!

  9. Aww thank you for your kind words. :) It's so funny that you say I am so positive because i came out of a bad depression last year and i'm so happy to hear that i do sound positive. p.s. i so agree with you on the global warming thing. God created us to be people who worship Him but people choose other avenues instead of worshiping Him. Cause to worship Him would mean they'd have to change their lifestyle and people just don't wanna do that. Sad but true!

  10. Awe thanks happygirl, it's good to know that you appreciate what I do, thank you again! This has ENCOURAGED me! ;) I love your facts about you! I too agree whole heartedly with number 4....and also number one, though my hubby does like to watch it with me! ;) And your list of favorite blogs will be fun to check out!! See, your "being happy" is spreading, keep at it! :) Blessings to you!

  11. Hey!! Thanks for such sweet words about my blog--especially about the photography! You seriously brightened my morning, Happy Girl. I'm happy indeed!

  12. I just sat down at my computer with a stick of maple taffy when i saw your comment. It was so apt, I laughed. :)

    I'm eating taffy because it turns out making maple syrup isn't as foolproof as i thought!

  13. Hello Happy Girl - thank you for stopping by blog! I was out of town and away from the computer until now.

    We have some things in common, black pants every day (same here, multiple pairs), hair coloring (why have brown/gray hair when you can have glossy brown/red hair?) and I am a Christian, too. And I dvr the heck out some TV shows. :)

    I look forward to more of your blog posts.

  14. Congratulations! Just found your blog so this is nice I get to know about you in the first post that I read.So glad I found it.

  15. You sound like you are a LOT of fun! i love that you wear black pants every day. I wear them almost every day : ) I just love how easy it is in the morning to put a cool shirt or sweater with black pants. I need easy : )
    You are fascinating and you have a beautiful life.

  16. Belated thanks for the sweet comments and smile you gave me. It was timely as my heart was on rewind then.
    As you's been a bit crazy busy here so I am just now starting to breath a bit and find some normalcy to my day...again.

    hmmm, interesting your fact #6. I use our local atm only for withdrawing $$$$. hahahaha
    I shall definitely be stopping by the other blogs, too.
    : 0

  17. What a great list of blogs to check out!

    Congrats on the awards!

  18. I totally don't believe in global warming either. Love it that i finally have someone on my side about this! This is my theory: essentially, we are coming to the end of the ice age. Actually, I can't take totally credit for it: I read it at the museum. But still, so glad I could share this with someone who isn't going to roll her eyes at me!


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