Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I can't tell you how much I'd like
To write a poem of light
And joy.  Not a dirge of dispair
Where I air
My dirty laundry of care
And woe.

I want to show all who read
I am indeed
A woman of great joy.  I refuse
To succomb to who confuse
Words of rhyme or reduce
Verse to tears.
I need to read more words
Of happiness and bright blue birds
And butterflies.  I tried
Haiku at the start of my joyride
Into a world of wordsmiths who plied
Their talent.

I've learned words and rhythm
Can be more than awesome
And carefree.  They can be math,
Song, imagery, and not just a bloodbath 
Of tears and fears, but a path
To joy.


  1. yes, they can journey started all smiles and joy and i have balanced more the other direction...but i do need to breathe the joy i truly have more...nice bit of honest verse...

  2. Hi Happygirl!

    I'm back! Thanks for sharing your poetry. I want to write nice poems, too!

    - Mariza

  3. Ah - that's nice, hg! Not good at poetry myself, but appreciate others'. :)

  4. And how well you write of your great joy and how that great joy affects those of us who read...

  5. this is true, but even the tears can be entry ways to deeper joy...this is what I am finding.

  6. And you do have great joy...let it come back to the surface again. Say cheese!

    Missed you too!!!

  7. I'm noticing a trend with you - correct me if I'm wrong! But it seems that when you dwell on joy you are a poet, and when you dwell on struggle you are a proser (or whatever that title is). I don't know if that's significant but you are certainly fascinating!

  8. You have a nice way with words!

    I started a new series on my blog about raising chickens in the city. Ask and you shall receive!

  9. Ooh, great observation Kati. I like both, happygirl. (Will you giggle if I tell you that originally I typed bappygirl?)

  10. Me too! I find it interesting that we both started from the same place, but went in very different directions this week. :) How can I be praying for you? You can email me at alittlebitograce at hotmail dot com. *hugs*

  11. oh, i like this friend. and i like how it's so different from what i was saying in my post, yet so true too... and how we need both sorrow and joy to turn the world round. you bring joy into my life.

  12. I wish I had a different type of comment widget to reply to all my comments, but I will do my best. I hope some of you will see this.

    I wish I knew how to write poetry. The question mark in my post title is an indication of my complete naivety on the subject. AND, I really don't completely understand the difference between prose and poetry. I guess if I write, it's prose. If I rhyme, it's poetry. But, I'm not sure.

    Secondly, many poems I read a so sad. And, I'm trying so hard to be Happy Girl. Sometimes I wonder if poems are sad because sad poems are easier to write? I don't know. I'm starting to think this should be a post and not a comment.

    @Em - I saw the differences in our posts, as well. I hope you didn't see it as reactive. I wrote before I read your post. I love your blog and your tender spirit. You are so encouraging to me. I just wish I understood writing better and felt more comfortable in your imperfect prose group on Wednesdays. They are such good writers.

  13. boy i can relate to that poem! :)

  14. This was wonderful. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog. Yes, I think we do have many blogs that we follow in common. I have been so thankful to find the Imperfect Prose group - fun, creative and inspiring.
    I am your latest follower.


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