Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Debbie Downer has left the building

Let me begin by saying, everybody has a bad day sometimes.  Ok, yesterday I wasn't feeling great about myself.  It happens.  It happens to EVERYBODY, right?  At least, that is what I'm counting on.  All people feel "less than" at some point.  Nobody has it all together.  And yesterday I spilled it out on my blog.  Nobody wants to read about "poor pitiful me."  I read the comments and thought a lot of things over and sifted through the advice and came up with my own decision.  And, here it is.  I'm going to class on Wednesday and I'm going to work through the introspective portion of the program.  I may or may not share my Command Statement with the group.  We will see how the evening goes.  But, I know what it is.  I've thought it over and I know it.  And no way, no how am I going to put it on the internet for all to read and copy and email to my mother and keep me from ever becoming President of the United States.  (I just had to share that because sometimes I think people forget when you put something on the internet it is there forever and can come back to haunt you at any time.  So, those naughty pics you post on fb... will show up when you are running for president.  just sayin')  I know my Command Statement and my lie.  Since I know these things I can see them for what they are and tell myself the truth.  And, my truth is "I do care about myself."  I care about myself VERY MUCH.  Good.

The second thing I got from the blog was encouragement to try doing yoga in my own home.  There are many internet sites with yoga classes on them.  I can do some at home and, if I feel like it, I can always take another class at the studio.  It's completely up to me.  Also, I can meditate at home.  This is something I really thought I couldn't do, but I can.  I don't need a class to do this.

Finally, if I want to go to the Celebration I can go.  I paid my money.  I attended the classes.  I went to some yoga classes.  I PARTICIPATED.  It is up to me.  I don't have to feel ashamed in ANY way.  So, that's where I am on the 40 days of yoga.  I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself.

Thank you to all who commented on yesterday's post.  It is constantly amazing that people will take time out of their busy days to read my blog and even more amazing, to me, they will take EXTRA time to comment.  You guys don't even know me.  It's such a good thing for me to see my thoughts outside my head on the computer screen.  I see them and think, Huh?  What are you thinking?  Why are you being so tough on yourself?  Or, why are you letting yourself off the hook?  Shape up.  Work harder.  Get over it.  Move on.  See, these are the things I say to myself after I hit the Publish Post button.  I really try not to think about you readers out there, too much.  I don't want to edit myself into someone I'm not because I don't want to embarrass myself in front of people I don't really know and will never meet.  (Love ya, but really, we don't know each other.)  Anyway, there it is.  Some days I'm a ROCK STAR and some days I'm NOT.  Some days I check EVERYTHING off my to-do list and some days, not so much.  Either way.  I'm OK.  And, I'm doing the best I can.

For your viewing pleasure, I've included Rachel Dratch from SNL doing her thing.


  1. I like yoga, but hated the classes at my gym. Invariably, they were filled with women in much better shape than I was with an instructor with very little patience. Now I attend a much smaller class taught out of my instructor's home. She's amazing, giving lots of modifications and very understanding when it comes to different body shapes and flexibility levels. I've enjoyed doing yoga at home on my own, but my Tuesday night class has been amazing.

    I'm glad you're feeling better today. *hugs*

  2. sounds like you have found some good perspective and direction...have fun no matter what you choose...

  3. I can say that I have downer days (you've read my blog), I'm pretty sure that we all have them. And that's also part of the drama, isn't it. It's like watching a movie and it has it's happy moments and it's drama, too. That's how I perceive life. What has helped me tremendously is when I remember "to be true to myself."
    Like to really ask myself "do I want to do this? if not, why don't I?" And then either do it or don't do it. And to stop caring so much about what people think. I care, I do care, but I'm working on not caring so much.
    I want to be young, but I also want to be like one of those old ladies who says what she thinks and feels without caring about what people think. Have you noticed that? Old ladies say whatever, positive or negative, and don't give "a care" about what people think and they even sound cute!

    I like my yoga alone in my room. I realized that I don't like to be in a room full of people breathing so much! And in my room I can set the temperature that I WANT. I don't care much about that yoga that people practice in the heat. I like to be comfy. Also, I can wear whatever I want without being concerned what angle people are seeing from (my) behind. Ha!

    I'm happy for you happygirl! I think that you have found a balance!

    One last hing, you are right, we all feel less than, my goal is to get over that feeling faster and faster every time. Like "feel less than" for like... one minute. That sounds good to me. And then, move on.

  4. You're so not Debbie Downer! You should be able to say how you feel to friends.

    Facebook. I know! Right??? What are people thinking? There is one young lady I know who uses fb like a therapy session - I usually think, "I wouldn't have told that!" :)

  5. i love that debbie downer episode!!! i always call myself a debbie downer. i found yoga to be tortuously hard!!

  6. This was SO ME yesterday! It was just one of those blah days and I became surrounded and couldn't shake the debbie downer that took over. Im glad it passed :)


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