Friday, June 24, 2011

What's the point

of blogging.

I've been thinking about this lately.  Why am I blogging?  Why do people blog?

I've been looking over my blog and the blogs of those bloggers I "follow."  It gives me pause.  When I started my blog it was to record my thoughts and my journey to a positive mental attitude.  I looked back and I could see I've made great strides in that direction.  Yeah, I'm feeling much happier.  I'm happier at work.  I'm no longer so fearful about making mistakes and "getting in trouble" at work.  I mean, really, what can they do to me?  They could fire me or kill me, but they can't eat me.  I'm pretty sure someone would put a stop to that.  I'm happy with my marriage.  But I don't really think this has been an issue since I started blogging.  My sweetie and I have found our "happy place" and life is good.  I worked through a painful issue with some women I was in a bible study with.  I've forgiven them and have really put it behind me.  I'm not saying it doesn't sting when I think about it, but I don't think about it too much anymore.  I'm working on my relationship with my son, but I hesitate working it out on this blog.  It's private and I really CAN set SOME boundaries.  :)

Surprisingly, I started dabbling in poetry or verse or whatever you want to call it.  I found some blogs about Christian living and they just so happened to have poetry in them.  Not only was there poetry, but there was a "link up with me" day.  So I started linking to Emily's blog.  She was so encouraging of my writing.  I started with haikus.  I started there because of the form.  They were short and relatively easy to do.  And, they made me stretch myself in my writing.  Granted, the stretch wasn't very far, but for me it was a start.  Then a funny thing happened.  By linking to Emily's blog folks started coming to my blog and leaving comments.  And then following my blog.  I was so surprised.  I should have known it would happen, but I still didn't expect it.  And, I liked it.  A lot.

I still like it.  Maybe too much.  I've started getting a bit addicted to seeing if folks are looking at my blog and seeing if they are leaving comments.  I've started getting addicted to noticing if more people look at what I've written this month than last month.  I'll tell you, the little stats portion of the blogger dashboard can be addicting.  I don't think this is good for me.  I've even started feeling competitive about it.  I know this sounds a little crazy, but it's true.  I look at the blog that gave me an interest in blogging.  I remember when that blog put up ads and the blogger declared they were going to start "making money" off their blog.  I remember seeing how many followers she had.  Not many.  I remember seeing how often she blogged.  Not often.  I started investigating making money on my blog.  I had more followers and I blogged more often.  I read articles like this.  And, I decided not to do the Amazon monetizing thing.  I wasn't going to make money and it was going to look tacky, in my humble opinion.  I always wonder if she makes any money?  I've decided my blog isn't about making money.  I'm no Pioneer Woman or Flylady.  (Btw, I knew Flylady when she was just Marla and hadn't given herself the handle yet.  Those were back in the Slob Sister chat board days.  Long long ago.)  :)

Another blogger I follow has parlayed her blog into writing an actual ebook.  She no longer blogs about her family adventures.  She now blogs as a life coach.  Sure, she's trying to drum up business for herself in the life coaching department, but why not?  It's as good a "talk therapy" as anything.  She is also VERY involved in sustainable living.  (she uses reusable tp, ... 'nuff said)  I don't think this is a direction I want to go.

What do I want my blog to be?  What is the point of writing my thoughts every day or so?  I'm going to stay with the initial premise of having it be a journal of my thoughts about various subjects and a tool to steer me in my journey to a positive view on life.  I'm going to work on my obsession of looking at the stats.  I need to ration the views of the stats WAY DOWN.  Looking at this isn't doing me any good.  I'm going to keep trying my hand at poetry and different writing styles.  I don't think I'll be a writer, but it will help me improve my writing without having to spend the money to take a writing class.  I'm not saying I'd never take a class, I just don't want to do that now.  I thought I'd like to add posts about cooking, but I don't think I can do that half as well as some of the REAL food bloggers.  AND, I don't have a cool camera.

I'm sure I'll review my motives for blogging again throughout this process.  I haven't been blogging very long and I still consider myself new to the blogosphere.  There are TONS of blogs out there and I'm happy to have the readers I have.  I have the MOST encouraging readers.  :)



  1. smiles. i go through this exercise every once in a its base, my blog is to collect stories and wisdom for my boys, one day...this has taken on different forms over the 3 used to be mainly short story, now its mainly poetry...

    i get caught up in the stats every once in a while as well and have to make corrections in my own heart and head...i gave up looking at stats a while back and just focusing on the people that stop in...

    the new stats tool resurfaced it a bit because it is right in your face...

    bottom line, blogging is what you make of it...i am glad for the friends that joined me on the journey

  2. scared me there for a second...thought you were going to quit blogging!  I enjoy reading your blog and reading your points of view!  keep it up! :)

  3. don't beat yourself up about checking stats.  blogger makes it so easy to be competitive.  i don't know one blogger who hasn't struggled with this in one way or another.  i decided to take off my followers button a long time ago and it helped but it still shows up on your dashboard...dang blogger.  wish they wouldn't number comments either.  it's just human nature to want to do well and to be heard.  annoying as that is. 

     i've never taken on ads either...didn't want to clutter up my blog or lose myself.  i figure etsy is my little way of making some extra money from the exposure the blog brings. 

  4. FlowerpowermommaJune 24, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    I"ve asked myself the same question. After all the wedding is over...and that was the reason for keep friends and family informed. 

    And yes, it is easy to get caught up in the stats..I'm guilty too.
    I also support you on the no ads. Personally, a blog has to be amazingly  terrific for me to mess with reading blogs with ads and all the little geegaws that are often put on. I just want the heart of the writer, not the trappings.

    I've been entertained, encouraged and appreciate  your comments to me. I also admire how you are an encourager to many others. That's been a inspiring to me, too.

    I blog because...I do. It has been a good outlet. And yes, my kids are reading so I must be careful what I share. There have been times I wish they weren't...just because I needed to vent. : ) But I survived..

    ack...stop rambling here momma...

  5. "They could fire me or kill me, but they can't eat me.  I'm pretty sure someone would put a stop to that. "
    This line is awesome :)

  6. I've had to stop viewing the stats because I started obsessing.  Craziness.  I still get discouraged when a post I share doesn't get a lot of comments. But blogging started as a way to deal with the messiness in my head, and deep down it is still one of the best way for me to process.  I've taken the odd hiatus when I couldn't write(like recently), but blogging helps with my mental state. 

    Also, loved this line: 
    They could fire me or kill me, but they can't eat me.  I'm pretty sure someone would put a stop to that. 

  7. Whatever the reason is, I'm glad you are blogging! I enjoy your posts. I personally blog just because it think it's fun. I get to take photos, I get to post and I get a few comments here and there.

  8. Did you read my "I have a confession..." post ( I believe you did, because I think I remember you left a clever comment. Anyways, I totally relate. 
    For what it's worth, I have appreciated your blog - for your honesty and humor. I am glad your in the blogosphere and I pray the Lord uses it to make you more like His Son. 

  9.  Yes, I remember your post.  I do get way too excited about the attention I get, virtual attention, from blogging.  In real life I like to stay in the background until I get to know you.  Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder of my purpose in the blogosphere.  :)

  10. You know what finally broke me of obsessing about stats?  Every day, I get a least a few visits (I got a ton when the post was new) from people using "farm porn" as a search term.  I used that as a title for a picture of a tractor.  Sure, these visits pump up my stats, but these aren't real readers; they are just drive-by perverts!  Stats are bogus.

  11.  Thanks MZ.  This is something I will CERTAINLY take under consideration.  I do make my post titles provocative, but not THAT provocative.  :)

  12. Thanks for sharing this. I think that most bloggers go through this. I know I have. I had to take a step back and do some rethinking. I wrote a short post about it, but haven't written one in real detail yet. Maybe one day :) This encouraged me to think about it again.

  13. I think it's good to ask yourself these types of questions. I ask myself with every post if what I'm writing is something I think worth saving for my children. With very little exception--if the answer is "no"--I don't bother. I actually started blogging b/c I saw a coupon code from blog2print, & I thought: I could post everything I've saved in various other places, use blogger as the place at which to store my future thoughts, & push a button every so often to have my words bound up as a book. I was pleased w/ my first book & am getting ready to have blog2print  send a 2nd. I will admit that I'm no Emily Dickinson (happy to write in a dark attic), so--even though I'm trying to preserve my thoughts for my children--I am somewhat motivated by the interaction w/ others. I am happy for followers who genuinely care about what I write, even if I don't have the following of others.  Blogging is definitely working better for me than scrapbooking & filling out baby books, so...yay! You make me happy, happygirl!

  14. I wrote my blog for almost two years without any followers.  At at that time I didn't really go to other blogs either though, except that of my blog mentor.  I kind of viewed it as journaling and still do, but it does make me happy to have a few followers and commenters.  I like your blog, happygirl, and I am glad you come by so regularly to mine. 

  15. Flowerpowermomma, We are a kindred spirit.  :)

  16.  Your advice is invaluable to me.  You have one of the prettiest blogs.  Thanks.

  17. Hi happygirl...  This is my first visit to your blog, found over at Syd's.  Wow, can I sure relate to much of what you're reflecting on in this post.  I began blogging (as a total "non-writer" over 5 years ago, and much to my shock I am still going (after a few needed breaks lol).

    I've shared all sorts of stuff, probably too much about my marriage at times, but it has helped me sort things out, and along the way, I hope I've been a comfort to others.  I too have discoverd prose and poetry on blogs I read and I have to say I've really gotten into writing.

    I have also has my battles with the stats, and wanting more folks to come visit and comment.  I've found myself occasionally resentful of "more popular" bloggers.  (yea, pretty goofy I suppose, but probably quite normal as we all want to be liked)

    I wish you well on your blogging journey, and hope it continues to be a worthwhile one for you.  I'm going to add your blog to my list.

  18. Hi Happy Girl, I'm not sure how I found my way to your blog but kind of happy I did!
    I love the name of your blog "Being Happy" as so few truly are happy!
    One of my nicknames for my daughter is "Happy Girl" so that makes me happy to be here at your blog :)
    I've been blogging since 2006, and for the most part have thoroughly enjoyed it!
    I write now just for the pure joy of writing and sharing.
    Lots that used to come to my blog and leave comments no longer come and that used to make me sad but now it's perfectly okay.
    Some no longer blog but many just don't visit me any longer, such is the way of the blogging world!
    I don't really care about how many comments I get but I do care about the people that visit and leave me a kind word or two!
    Some lovely people in Blogland!

    Nice to meet you!

    Margie :)

  19.  So happy to have you here.  Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement.

  20.  Thank you so much for the encouragement and comment.  It's such a joy to have readers.

  21. your chinese take out comment was hilarious...i wont hold your bono hating against you...smiles.

  22. Oh, Happygirl! You just put into words what so many of us out here think all. the. time! Thanks for being such a loyal reader and follower over at my place. The important thing is that you are here, thinking, writing, and allowing God to work in your life. It's all process for all of us, and some days are better (less obsessive) than others. Blessings to you.

  23. I blog for me. Some days there is little relevant to say, while at other times I need input. The blogging community is good. Glad that you are here.


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