Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Streaming sunshine beams

Slushy splashes on black shoes

Where are my flip flops?


  1. I'm ready for the flip flop weather, too! Come on, sun!

  2. smiles. we are almost to flip flop weather...i can not wait! i like the pairings of like letter words...

  3. I'd be real happy and oh so yappy.
    If this stupid snow, would pick up and go.
    Hate all this cold and others I have told.
    For it ruffles my fur and I'm unable to purr.
    So things should flip flop, I'll even do a hop.
    I hate the cold weather, maybe I can wish it away with a magic feather.
    Thing that could work or would I just look like a funny jerk?
    Anyway good pairing of words, now I'm off to chase some birds.

  4. okay. but I wore sandals today....and capris.
    just because I could. Not tomorrow, back to old man winter, that old man winter.
    : )

  5. Spring is right around the corner...then you can have your flappy flip flop celebration!

  6. as i come from a ski vacation... flip flops would be wonderful!

  7. Classic! I know exactly what you're talking about! ;)

  8. Alliteration! It's my favorite. Along with flip-flop weather. ;)

    Also, thank you for your comment on my guest post at Emily's place.


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