Thursday, February 10, 2011

Haiku for February

Bright steel blue clear sky

Calm air mocks spring, still freezing
Hail February


  1. i do love the crisp air...but i am ready for a little warmth...

  2. Such a perfect haiku of what is going on right now where I am. I too am ready for some warmth and sit in anticipation of Spring!

  3. Boy, that's for sure! I echo the above posters... come on spring! :)

  4. gorgeous, and so timely. where i grew up, sunny=warm, so it was the weirdest thing when i came to college in the midwest and it was bright and gorgeous outside...and negative two degrees.

    hail february, indeed. ;)

  5. calm air mocks spring...

    oh, how i long for warm...
    love how much you capture in these lines, friend.

  6. The clear blue winter sky... is there anything bluer than that? You're so right - it mocks spring because it doesn't look like winter but it so is. Awesome.

  7. it's just so beautiful somedays that i wonder if the seasons have gotten confused. :)


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