Thursday, February 10, 2011


This week I'm going to be focusing on my new obsession.  I'm going to be obsessing on the goals I have for ME.  These are  personal goals.  They can't be goals I have for others or goals I share with others.  Me, mine, nobody else.  I can't depend on anyone else to achieve these goals.  I can't blame anyone else if I don't achieve these goals.  They are mine.

Why obsession?  I've been encouraged to set personal goals and obsess over them.  Make them the thing that is constantly pricking at my thoughts.  Make my goals the thing that keeps coming to my mind.  I need to write them down and post them places I cannot help but see them.  This scares me a little bit.  I know if I do this other people will see them, too.  This leaves me open to the possibility of others holding me accountable to my goals.  Would this be good or bad?  I don't know.  Right now, it just feels scary. 

Now, what are my goals?  I'm sure this list is not complete, but I have to start somewhere.  Ha ha, I'm feeling a little scared to type them here.  Funny.
  1. Develop a positive attitude and demeanor - this involves smiling more, connecting with people, giving positive reinforcement, looking for the up-side of situations.
  2. Take better care of my body - don't shame myself, eat healthy foods in the correct amounts, exercise it, care for it. 
I start with just these two.  Seems fairly simple.  I should be able to obsess over two things.  I'm not going to worry about results.  I'm just going to obsess on the process.  Just obsess on the goals and what I have to do to achieve them.  It's written down now, so it's a plan. 

Not just an idea in my head. 

A real plan.


  1. Awe, good goals. I think we're in simular spots as we have both posted on making good, healthy changes AND being accountable for it! That IS the scary part, when I posted what I did, it took alot so kudos to you for doing that and putting it out there for us all! And I like how you said it's not about results, just the process! I'm with you on that! :)

  2. Thanks for the support. Remember this prayer.
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    I know I will need it.

  3. I like your goals and your attitude for success.
    good for you.
    I drug myself off to zumba this evening. Then went to a Valentine banquet w/the hubby and ate the cake!

    Thanks for the smiles today in "wedding-snow-ville", too.

  4. oh btw, we had an outdoor backyard wedding as well. A lovely windy morning on July 2, 1977.
    I'll post pics in the near future.

  5. nice. these are great..we should all be working on some me goals...a healthy you makes all the other relationships in your life better...

  6. You go girl. Goals are great...they keep you on track. I know I need a better attitude. Winter gives me the excuse of just being a grump alot. Shame on me!

  7. Love your idea to "obsess" over 2 things at a time. Not a lot to take on and you can do it. Not worried about he results either. Loving that.

  8. These are great and I need to work on them....
    Stopping by some of my favorite blogs and some new. Hope you will stop by...On Monday night I am giving away 4 FOUR copies of Ree Drummond's love story. It is I had to buy enough copies to share with my dear blog friends.
    one of the best reads I have read in a long time. Have a happy week....

  9. i have those exact same goals!!!


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