Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I did the thing I didn't want to do

Yep, I did it.  I bought bigger clothes.  I really didn't want to do this.  I was hoping to diet and exercise my way back into my clothes.  I didn't do it.  They were too tight and I was miserable.  I was getting to the point of not wanting to go out of my house because my clothes were too tight.  This is humiliating to me.

I want to stay positive about this.  How???  I'm really going to have to do some thinking about this.  How can I put a positive spin on this huge fiasco?  Think, think, think.  (Do I sound like Winnie the Pooh?  'cause I could really use some bread and honey right about now.)

Now I can eat more.

This is the very thing I DON'T want to do.  This is the very thing I'm afraid I WILL do because I'm wearing bigger clothes. 

I can still exercise.

I can still use portion control.

I can go out and be among the people.  Now I have clothes that allow me to go out.  Maybe now that I know people can see me again I will have more motivation to diet and exercise.

I certainly feel exposed right now.  This feeling is a bit uncomfortable, but, really, anyone that is not blind can see me and knows my problem.  So, there it is.

On the positive side.  I'm way more comfortable in the bigger pants.  REALLY!


  1. I learned that you are to dress the body you have - not the one you once had or want to have, but dress for the size you are today. Don't worry about the numbers just buy and wear what looks great on you, no matter the size/number!

    Feeling good and looking good are very much related! :)

  2. just look at it this way...your new goal (if tht is what you want) is to get back out of them as soon as you can...smiles.

  3. You want to get me out of my pants, Brian? You know I'm married, right? ;-)

  4. just do what you need to do to be healthy...i struggle with the weight thing too...when i walk now i concentrate on how good it is for me, not on the fat i'm burning...i will never have the body i had, even 10 years ago...but i can do the best i can to take care of myself...and it's ok about the clothes...

  5. thank you for your honesty and gentle humor.
    good job taking care of yourself happygirl


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