Sunday, March 20, 2011

My relaxing weekend with ROCKET SCIENTISTS

So, I told you I was excited to have a relaxing "girls weekend."  Yeah, it was GREAT.  The weather was gorgeous.  Nation Harbor is a new area in the D.C. area and it is lovely.  We stayed at a Wyndham resort hotel and it was LUXURIOUS.  My girlfriend, Amy, invited me to enjoy this weekend with her friends.  I love Amy and we enjoy each other's company so much.  We've been friends for quite a few years and have been through the many ups and downs life has to offer.  Amy was a huge reason I went back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for eight years.  I was so glad I took her advice.  Even though I couldn't go back to the technical field I had worked in before I had my son, I could find employment as a secretary in higher-ed.  It has been a great change for me and I've reacquainted myself with myself.  I'm no longer "junior's mom," but ME!!!  Anyway, I digress.

Sometimes when you've been friends with someone so long and so well you begin to forget how OUTSTANDING they are.  My friend's friends on this "girl's weekend" were all ROCKET SCIENTISTS.  Here we are, sitting around, diving into the first round of martinis and the conversation begins.  These are amazingly brilliant women.  Let me tell you about being in the presence of brilliance.  It is so comfortable...  I'll bet you didn't expect me to say that.  I'll bet you thought I might have said, Intimidating..., or Unnerving..., or even, ...Daunting.  None of those words would describe the feelings evoked in this group.  The beauty of being in the presence of truly intelligent, accomplished women is the acceptance one feels.  These are women confident of their abilities and intelligence.  It was so refreshing.  It was great to be included with such a great group of women.  Don't let me mislead you into thinking this was an academic weekend.  No WAY.  Nobody can party like a Rocket Scientist.  I considered showing you photographs of all the empty wine bottles and martini glasses.  I thought about asking you if you can say Eyjafjallajokull three times fast.  (especially after 3 or 4 glasses of wine)  But what I really HAVE to tell you about is this.  Smart women, accomplished women, beautiful women, can accept other people, especially other women, for who they are and make sure they know they are accepted and APPRECIATED.  It was a GREAT weekend.

I may have to agree with this
Awakening sculpture at National Harbor
Hats are fun
Hats are lots of fun


  1. The joy of time with loving, fun, accepting women. hallelujah for this weekend. Sooo glad you got to experience this.
    p.s. I love the plate. in fact have bought cards from that company before.
    It's a new week happy girl. Take it by a storm!!

  2. it sounds and looks like a lot of fun actually...and that we can accept wach other unconditionally, rocket scientist or other wise...that makes a friend and its always great to be around them....

  3. You know what, I've never really noticed that until you've mentioned it, but now that you've pointed it out, I'm thinking about all the people I know. You are SPOT ON! The more "academic" and "accomplished" of my friends, the nicer and more including they are. And you've hit it on the head, they're not all competing with each other trying to find a sliver of self-worth because they've all already got their self-worth and aren't trying to steal others'. Now I'm wondering which category am I in? Do I unknowingly try to take others' self-worth because of my own lack?

  4. Happygirl! What a wonderful group of friends! I have a little group of friends, too. I'll be having a little weekend with them in April and I can't wait! I feel like a little girl all excited about it. It feels great to be accepted and liked just the way we are.



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