Saturday, March 26, 2011

I got an award


Thank you Joybird.

I just cannot tell you how surprised and honored I was to have this honor bestowed upon my blog.  I haven't been at this for a very long time and I'm really still learning how to add pictures and video to my blog and yada yada yada.

The biggest reason I started this blog was to see my thoughts out there in black and white.  It's hard to pin point my thoughts while they are swirling inside my brain.  I thought I could put them out there, look at them and decide if they were reasonable or making a very sharp left turn.  Also, I could look back and see my growth from Christmas 2010 to wherever I end up.  And, I type better than I write.  You see, I'm a lefty.  All those cute journals and notebooks have always been made for you right's.  Anyway, what I NEVER thought would happen is that anyone would ever read what I wrote.  But, they did!!!  And some even commented on it.  Positively.  *Haha, gotta insert the positivity, since that  is my goal.*

So THANK YOU so much Joybird for sharing your award with me.  Joybird, at A Songbird In His Court, has a gorgeous blog about her her life in CA and being a daughter of the KING.  She takes the most beautiful pictures and goes on the most gorgeous hikes.  I love her confidence in her place in the world and the love she has for Jesus that spills out to those of us she meets here in this world.  I'm SO HAPPY to add her to my blogroll.  Please check her out.

Thank you again, Joybird, for sharing the joy.


  1. hey congrats on the award!! and happy sunday!

  2. @ Brian - right back at you, mister.


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