Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom of my man

I was not the girl of your dreams
My love and your love for the same man so different
I wanted a knight a protector a hero
You swelled in adoring love bestowed on a child made of gold

My man was your boy
Shiny and brave and a blessing on a marriage broken
Your boy is my man
Tarnished with flaws the prince of my hope 

I saw my future and I was afraid
You saw your past and felt satisfied
Now the end's near and your son's at your side
He's your knight in bright armor, he's my prince made of gold


  1. Oh sad HappyGirl, you guys have been really going through it. This a beautiful tribute both to you MIL and your man. Peace, comfort and joy to your family and to you!

  2. smiles. endearing write to both of them...sorry time is short but glad he can be there with her...

  3. oh friend, you capture so well, here the tug and pull of MIL and DIL... and in the end, it's love, that entwines us all... a beautiful, tender piece. thank you.

  4. What a lovely piece. Love and prayers!

  5. very tender piece. so well expressed.

  6. beautiful and sad and honest. what difficult, precious days: praying strength for you.

  7. a beautiful expression of the complexities of love and relationship, of the many natures we all hold.

  8. oh, that relationship of MIL and DIL, so complex. which i fully understand now that i am a MIL!
    peace to all of you...

  9. Love is so complicated, and you portray the genuine feelings with such depth. bittersweet.

  10. I'm glad that your wonderful husband is a wonderful son. Sending up a little prayer for all of you.

  11. I never had a MIL since my husband's mom passed away before I met him, but this poem made me feel the sadness and the love. This is such a beautiful poem. You are an artist.


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