Friday, January 11, 2013

Whining is not a good way to begin an email

“I really hate asking anyone for help on anything around here, especially now that Luke's gone.  He was one person I could always ask for help, who didn't mind stopping to help.  Asking for help just seems to result in more grief, or so it seems to me.  But...

But this came to me.


This is the first paragraph in an email from the same co-worker I wrote about in Maybe I'm a Disney Princess.  Which Disney Princess had a whiny stepbrother?  Boo Hoo.
I'm linking with G-man for a Friday Flash 55  

75.  Friday (that's all I've got, it's been a busy day)


  1. there are def people i would not ask for help....smiles.

  2. Cute and I love your poster! We have a lot of that whining at work too.

  3. Remember the Whiners from SNL ?
    (I've got DIverticulitus.....)
    Anyway, thats what this reminded me of...:-)
    Happy Girl, seeing your pretty smiling face always gives me a thrill
    Loved your whining 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End


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