Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013..., business as usual

I'm back at work and getting back in the swing of things.  I've got to tell you, I'm struggling.  There is always a bit of a learning curve when returning to work after having a week and a half off, but this time there is an extra added bonus to help flatten that curve.

During the break the IT department at the school I work at migrated our Microsoft Office Outlook to Google gmail.  I know, I know, gmail is GREAT!  (I think I have to say that since I'm using Blogger for my blog.)  None the less, change is never easy and change for my boss, who doesn't want to have to think about things like, sorting emails and scheduling meetings, is even more difficult.  But, you gotta do what you gotta do when the Powers That Be make up their minds to make a change.  It's all going to be just fine and pretty soon we will barely remember how Outlook worked.

All that being said, if any of you savvy techie types out there have any tips or tricks for me when it comes to using gmail apps, I'm open to any and all suggestions.  I know a lot of you have your favorites.

I had a wonderful break.  I know you didn't hear a peep out of me during the break.  I took a vacation from the computer.  Granted it wasn't a complete vacation, but computer time was cut back quite hard.  It was wonderful.  I read books.  I watched movies.  I rested.  In fact, even I feel a bit guilty about the lack of work produced by me.  My husband and my son were working so hard on the house we evicted the renters from.  They were fixing windows and tiling the kitchen and bathrooms and fixing toilets and repairing plumbing and installing a new dishwasher, stove and refrigerator.  They supervised carpet and vinyl installation.  I still haven't been allowed to see the interior of the house.  All the interior doors need to be stained, trimmed and hung.  I think my son is waiting for those last few items to be finished before he allows me to view the Big Reveal.

It is impressive to see how much work my son and my husband have accomplished in that house.  I'm excited to do a post about it and share pics.  In less than two months they have transformed a dwelling that, literally, had everything in the inside and on the outside broken, stolen, or in complete filth and turned it into a home.  I've watched some folks drag a project out for years.  I think there is a lot to be said for momentum and stick-to-it-iveness.  I can't wait to see it.

It makes me so proud to hear my husband talk about the way my son is working and learning home repair and maintenance.  I can see it's hard for my son to work this hard.  He's gotten used to having a part-time job and living in our home.  He has very few chores and spends a lot of time gaming and watching Netflix.  Hard work has never been his best friend.  Yet, during this process he has learned what hard work is and how to do it.  His goal is to be living in the house by February 1st.  I'm excited for him AND for me. 

Our family is saying "Hello" to 2013 with the promise that all this hard work will pay-off and we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labors sooner than later. 

Just a little note to the Congress and Senate and President of the United States; for most of us it's easier to cut back on our spending than it is to generate more cash.  Just because you get your money from us, the working, tax-paying people of the USA, give us a break.  Cut back on the spending.  Try a little austerity.  We should all tighten our belts.  There really isn't all that much people should be entitled to have.  Be brave.  Make the tough cuts.

10.  A hardworking husband
11.  A job
12.  A thrifty nature
13.  A lesson learned that hard work usually solves more difficulties than throwing money at a problem does
14.  A willingness to learn new things
15.  A willingness to say "I don't know" when I don't know
16.  Another opportunity to share 1000 gratitudes with you guys (I only made it to 782 last year)
17.  Watching my son take giant steps into adulthood
18.  Being willing to see my son falter in this new-found adulthood, and not freak out
19.  Having so many blessings to count


  1. that is so cool how this project came at just the right time for you...getting your hubs and son together...and to see what they accomplished as well...cant wait to see pics...

    gmail does take some getting used is different...dont use it enough to know all the tricks but if you get stuck ask a question and i will see what i can do...

  2. That's wonderful about the house - I would be proud of him, too.

  3. I'm happy to read that you had a nice relaxing holiday and that your son is doing so well!  Can't wait to see photos of your hub's and his total house makeover!

  4. Happy New Year, Dear Friend! We're already having hiccups w/ our new tenants; can you believe it?

  5. Happy New Year Happy Girl...
    Some people miss you ya know....G

  6. I look forward to the hard work post!  Happy New Year friend.  :)

  7. And that includes everyone too. 


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