Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Collin, he's 10 years old

I wasn't able to find an Angel Tree this year.  However, after talking to my study group, we decided to "adopt" two families for Christmas.  I was assigned Collin, he's 10 years old.  When these families are selected to be made available for Christmas "adoption" the children are asked to make a list of Christmas gifts they would like to receive.  To me, it sounds a lot like asking Santa for gifts, but instead of going in one ear and out the other, these kids will have a shot at actually getting the things they want for Christmas.  So, you can call me Santa, Collin.  It's crystal clear I have not been hanging around with many 10 year old boys lately.  I'd like to share Collin's list.  Any insight into what the heck some of these things are will be appreciated.

Pajama pants - size 10-12
Color Explosion 3D
Color Explosion Illusion
Color Explosion Glow Book
Color Explosion Glow Dome
Halo Character Masterchief
Connect 4 Sponge Bob
Sorry Spin
Sonic Book Volume 13
XBox 360 Disney Universe
XBox 360 Skylander
XBox 360 Spy Rose Adventure

Yikes!!!  I know what pajama pants are.  I'm fairly clear on Connect 4, however the Sponge Bob thing has me a bit baffled.  Everything else is a mystery to me.

I'm very happy to be able to adopt Collin this Christmas.  I hope he has a wonderful Christmas morning and feels the love.  I have to have the gifts purchased and wrapped by Monday, so there is that pressure (I'm going to AC for the weekend).  But, all in all, I'm loving it.  So far this Christmas is turning out to be one of the best, EVER.

My tree is up.  My house has lights on the outside.  I bought ingredients for one type of cookies, but I'll make four batches for gifts.  I'm anticipating the coming of my King.  Today I read about Jesus being the servant of all.  In Mark's gospel, Jesus took a child in his arms and told his disciples whoever received a child in his name would receive him, and the one who sent him.  Today, I will focus on being a servant.  The first person I will serve is Collin.  He's 10 years old.

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  1. That's nice that you are doing that.  I'd go to Target or Walmart and ask the sales associates to point to the toys and games he asked for.  The xbox stuff might cost many dollars. 

  2. The final three are video games.  Disney Universe is a multi-player game, supposedly Disney's answer to Little Big Planet(a fantastic game that allows for a lot of creativity).  I think that one was on sale for $30, but I'm not sure.  Amazon may have better pricing than Walmart for the games.  If you were going to buy him a video game, I think I'd pick this one over the others.  We're only buying a family present for our kids this year and Disney Universe is on our shortlist. 

  3. ok, the halo masterchief is an action figure...i do think walmart might be your best bet...

  4. oh you can find the halo action figure at toys r us or gamestop

  5. Thank you so much.  I had no idea what this was.  :)

  6.  Thank you for your insight.  I was hoping my readers would help me out with this.  :)
    Merry Christmas to you.

  7. I have a ceiling on my spending for him.  But, I'm generous.  :)

  8. Wowsa. I wouldn't know where to begin with that list. All foreign to me, too--a mom of all girls. :-)

    But good for you in taking on the challenge! I know you'll be a huge blessing to Collin and his family this Christmas.

  9.  Status update.  Found a Halo Masterchief, a Color Explosion Glow Book, a Connect Four Sponge Bob, and pj's.  I'm on the hunt for the Xbox 360 Disney Universe.  Wish me luck.  :)

  10. I haven't a blue about any of those items, but I LOVE your enthusiasm.  Blessings as you give!

  11. "so you can call me santa, collin." you are wonderful, friend. this is christmas, in a nutshell.

  12. That's a hard one for me since I consider a lot of the toys out there actually harmful for children. I strongly believe that video games damage young brains. I think that some of his requests are video games? I think that's what XBox means? Ha! I'm not even sure! I would give some beautiful bees wax crayons, high quality water color paper, natural watercolor paints, good quality paint brushes. My 10 year old loves origami, so I would give him an origami set. Sometimes children ask for what they see out there, but they don't know that there are other beautiful things available and that they would enjoy. The Lyra giants are beautiful color pencils. For a toy maybe a magic set. We just gave one to a little boy who had everything, even video games and he's been playing with the magic set for months now.

  13. In my grandmother's huge dictionary, I remember reading the definition of Santa: A person who gives.  I believe that word meaning can be traced back to the biggest giver of all - God, who gave us His son, and His son, who gave us His life. I'd say your son is living the true meaning of Santa!


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