Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tacos, the beach and the Big Bay Boom

Today I basked in the sun at Imperial Beach.  I know, not the sexiest beach in San Diego.  It's no Mission Beach, La Jolla Shores or Coronado Beach.  We tried to get to Coronado Beach, but the annual Fourth of July parade was in full swing and there was no way to get there.  It was Fourth of July and EVERYBODY was at the beach.  My husband wanted to check out his favorite taco stand in Imperial Beach from 30 years ago, when he was stationed at NAS North Island.  It was still there.  So, of course, we had lunch.  It was in Imperial Beach, so we went to the beach down there.  I think it was a good choice.

Fish taco combos with hot sauce and limes, YUMMY

It was a perfect day and the beach was wonderful.  It was so fun to people watch.  There were TONS of beach umbrellas and pop-up shelters and tents.  Everyone was making a day of it at the beach.  Check it out.

Gorgeous Pacific Ocean

My feet

Sexy legs (white, REALLY white)

My future home? (yeah the tent, not the white mansion)

Tonight we took in the fireworks called the Big Bay Boom.  There were four barges in the bay with fireworks exploding simultaneously from Coronado to the Convention Center.  My husband likes fireworks more than I do, but it was SPECTACULAR.  Enjoy the finale.


  1. nice...love the beach, the sand and surf its all like a meditation to me...

  2. I want those tacos!

  3. What a fun vacation! And those tacos look delicious :) 

  4. Yeah - I've got those white legs, too.  :)  I didn't realize you were on a trip.  How lovely!  I've been with family and away from the computer since Friday.  Playing catch up.  Have a great time!

  5. Fun! I'm ready for a vacation!

  6. FlowerpowermommaJuly 6, 2011 at 12:30 AM

    I could smell the beach; hot sand, water, and even your lunch.
    Looks like you're having fun.
    fyi.I LOVE fireworks myself.

  7. So, I'm reading along and going to comment about how I'm jealous you live in beautiful warm San Diego, when I see the fish tacos photo and my mouth starts to drool...up there on my fav foods list for sure.  I want some!

  8. How fun!!!! The beach and tacos... PERFECT COMBINATION! Keep posting!

  9. Nice! Want those fish tacos. Stop by my blog and check out my lavender ice cream adventures. PortlandPeeps.blogspot.com 
    Happy summer!

  10. I am wanting fish tacos now!  Looks like a fun time. We had the big boom here and it was great.

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