Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot weather

I feel the air on my skin
Wet, hot, thick
Like walking through a blanket
It slaps my cheeks and soaks my neck

I feel the sun on my skin
Bright, burning, hot
Penetrating my head
Simmering my brain in my skull

I feel oppressed and opposed
Grass is brittle and dry
Garden wilting and limp
Squirrels are slow and birds silent

I long for ocean breezes
Cool water lapping feet
Sweating glasses of tea on ice
My body resting on the sand

I pray for this wave to break
Foaming, crashing, spreading out
Over the continent of red
Wash us with a whisper of winter

I'm linking to Emily, but I haven't heard from her in a couple days.  Maybe she is having her baby?  I hope.


  1. yes, please break...spent the morning at the pool with the boys...working all afternoon...its crock pot hot

  2. It's really hot today in Atlanta.  Or maybe it's the humidity. 

  3. oh, girl, i hear you.
    and very well written.

  4. I hate airconditioning and usually try to respect the environment but today I opted for staying indoors all day, in the a/c. If I sat outside I'd only be able to eat cold food and certainly wouldn't be able to work (yes, this is egypt, but I'm guessing it's comparable??)... so I guess, enjoy your a/c??

  5. Hi Kati, it is VERY humid as well as HOT.  So the thing they call a Heat Index says it feels like 120 degrees F.  The actual temp is only 96 F. 
    :) stay cool

  6. It is hot...and this is Canada...good/inspired poem!

  7. i, on the other hand, am enjoying below normal temps...for close to 3 weeks now it's been in the 80's...perfect!   it won't last, the heat's coming...
    thoughtful writing,  happy the way, i checked out the book you made of your mil.  very, very nice...

  8.  You lucky No. Cali girl.  You enjoy the special weather you have up there.  :)

  9. Beautifully written Happy Girl - and I feel much the same way. We are used to the heat, but this drought has really been oppressive. However, we got rain yesterday. We were doing some work at church and when the skies opened, we all went running outside. It was glorious!

  10. me too, me too. it's amazing what a window fan and a glass of ice water will do.

    i was thinking just the same thing about em while tapping out my imp prose today. can't wait for us all to meet her beautiful wee one.

  11. It slaps my cheeks and soaks my neck

    this is one of my favorites of yours friend. i love the textures, the sights and sounds and feel of it all. and the sweating glass of iced tea :)

    i can't wait for you to meet my baby too :)

  12. I can feel that heat, and then the cool breeze of the winter wished for!  Beautifully constructed....

  13. So many dangerous highs in so many places.  You have captured the dream of this unrelenting summer beautifully.

  14. Longing for those ocean breezes, too! That sounds just perfect.

  15. ooooohhh, i have a friend that would hurt you for mentioning the dreaded "winter" word!!!!  but i, too, have been longing for cooler days!  or at the very least a return to my beloved ocean vacation. . . .

  16. Oh yes ...perfectly stated ...come on coolness :0)

  17. Yes, it is hot and humid.  Last weekend was wonderful temperature wise. But this coming weekend is going to be miserably hot.


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