Thursday, July 7, 2011

Del Coronado gold

Del Coronado so exclusive
Your beach available to me
I dip my toes in luxury

Sand as soft as talcum powder
Beach pristine and water clear
Turquoise blue laps at a shore

Swirling sparkling sifting sand
Crystal water wraps my ankles
Gold dust clings to me

Sugary grains stick to my skin
Kissed sun bronzed with amber tinge
Sloughing smooth with suntan lotion

No spa could boast such
Rich a service
Gold dust rub and sea weed wrap

Breezes dust the shine upon me
Strong sun soothes my muscles loose
Masseuse reapplies my lotion

Del Coronado thanks for sharing
Riches beyond reach to me
Gold dust beach for all to share


  1. ooohhhhh....... this sounds so magical! :-D It's winter here in Australia and reading this brought me back to summer time - now I simply can't wait! :-D

  2. LoVe this...I thought I was on the beach for a second!!

  3. dang...where do i get a ticket...i miss the ocean...and a massage does not sound bad either...smiles.

  4. I want to be THERE!

  5. I love the beach, and the freedom of the waves! A great poem about the Gold Dust sand :) Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wow - what a place.  Looks like a lovely vacation so far. 

  7. lovely.  just returned from the beach. . . and already longing to return.  

  8. I'm a beach bum.  You're speaking my language right now.  Lovely.

  9. oooh how lovely, friend... i hear the peace in your voice, and it makes me smile. xo


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