Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sudden storm

What is it about a thunderstorm evoking a feeling of coziness and safety?
Here I am, home sick, in a day with time blurred by napping and waking.
I sit in my room and watch the sky darkening.  I listen to the thunder rolling
and rumbling.  I see the wind pick up speed and tree branches wave and
leaves rustle.  And here I sit in the safety of my room.  In the comfort of
my bed.  Snuggled in my robe with a box of kleenex at my side.  I feel the
anticipation of the raindrops soon smearing my windows and blurring my
view of the backyard.  My dog comes and sits by the side of my bed.  He
too, is anticipating something.  The thunder grows louder.   I can feel the 
reverberation of the sound in my chest.  The windows shudder with the
anticipation of rain.  Then the rain comes.  At first a few drops fall.  Then
more and more and suddenly the shhhhhhhhh of raindrops forcing them-
selves through tree leaves and pounding the roof and window and pavement.
The window is smeared with the oiliness of the downpour.  Everything is
wiped clean.  The water rushes down the driveway into the yard and puddles
in the garden.  I can almost here the flowers and plants sigh with relief from
the heat and dryness of summer.  And just as quickly as it came, the rain
subsides.  The sound of the pounding rain diminishes and the roaring of
the thunder grows softer and more distant.  The drops cling to leaves and
gutters.  My dog wanders downstairs to his bed.  I settle back into my pillow.
I pull my book off the nightstand and return to my rest.  Refreshed and
relieved by a sudden storm passing by my house.  And I enjoyed the visit.


  1. nice...i love a good thunderstorm...cools the day...and just the awesome power of it...i like to go stand on the deck and watch...hope you are feeling better...

  2. Very pretty. I love a good rain with thunder. I have been wanting one so badly here in Texas-there is a beauty to it, and you're right, there is a coziness that comes with storms. I love to be home, with music, listening to the rain and thunder, and cleaning (I know, I'm weird). Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I love a good rain / thunder storm when I can be at home and enjoy  it.  So beautiful with its energy and noise and sometimes just peaceful drumming.   Hope you feel better, my friend.

  4. Love a storm. When I was a girl, I used to sometimes stand on the edge of my parents' front porch and wash my hair in the water streaming off the roof.....

  5. Beautiful...I miss thunderstorms. When I was little my mom would wake us up so that we could watch the thunder and lightning.

  6. beautiful. . . .almost makes me wish for some rain right now :-)  i love the feel during and right after--a sense of refreshment.  you captured it well with your words.

  7. me too, me too. i adore a hearty summer storm, and your description is perfection.

  8. Perfect!  I long for a rainy afternoon.

  9. pretty!!  i love rainy weather and thunderstorms.  :)


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