Sunday, July 3, 2011

The San Diego Zoo is a "Must See"

We went to the zoo today.  It was crowded.  It is the Sunday of the 4th of July weekend.  Yeah, going to the zoo was a GREAT idea.  I'm not a huge fan of crowds, but they know how to "do zoo" in San Diego.  This is something you must do if you visit paradise.  I was here 21 years ago.  I was pushing a stroller and toting a diaper bag.  This time my hubby and I walked hand in hand and smiled at babies in strollers and in line for events.  Those babies are so cute when they belong to someone else.  :)

I took a few pictures and my goal is to share pics with you all.

Okapi (I had to look this up on Wikipedia)
Monkey (I didn't catch his Latin name.)
A camel with two humps (I hope he is eating marshmallows.) 
A Meerkat (Who can resist these guys.)
California Condor
Yeah, he was sleeping standing up.  (I know how he feels.)
Leopard (pacing back and forth.  It took 10 shots to get this one)
A stranger's children (but really, weren't they adorable?)
Yun Zi "Son of Cloud" (worth waiting in line to see)
Fairy-bluebird, female  (gorgeous, btw, male...ugly)
Trampoline acrobat  (my first ACTION shot)
Rhinoceros (and children about to be eaten by them)

Flamingo (they have to feed them by hand, 'cause the SD local birds would let them starve

I bought this hat


  1. So Jealous!!  I LOVE the San Diego Zoo!  Best I've been to ever!
    Great pictures!!  Your action shot was awesome...also loved the elephant's eye.  But, I'm partial to elephants!!  Enjoy the rest of San Diego!

  2. FlowerpowermommaJuly 4, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    this was fun to see. Love the monkeys varied colors, great action shot, I thought you took a picture of a picture!  The bluebird was breathtaking, but my fav has gotta be the Panda.
    Thanks for standing in line and sharing that picture. They are all good. Nice camera, btw. 
    Now, lets see a pic of YOU in that hat.

  3. wow. great snaps! love the zoo...have not been to the one in san diego! hope you are having lots of fun!

  4. These are fabulous!  I would love to visit the San Diego Zoo!

  5. You are a great photographer! These photos are beautiful! The hat is cute!

  6. Love that hat!  I'm glad you are having fun, hg.

  7. Gorgeous photos, both at the zoo and at the restaurants. Avocado is one of my favourites as well.  I had some for supper.  Hopefully one day I'll get to see what it's supposed to taste like. There are drawbacks to living in a colder climate...


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