Wednesday, August 7, 2013

These feelings would go so well with pie

Tomorrow is the date I put on my letter of resignation.

My (new) boss asked me if I would stay on for at least three more weeks or at least until the new HR director came on-board and got settled.  (I said I would do this)

My (old) boss wants to be done with all this and just move on to his new work and leave all this trifling business (my raise or resignation) behind him.

My (new) boss says he really doesn't know what I do. 

Example:  one thing I SHOULD do is to run his calendar.  Today he got an email requesting him to go to HR and complete his promotion paperwork.  Instead of forwarding the email to me or just telling me about it, he decided to handle it himself.  Of course, as calendar things go, there was a back and forth with "no, I'm not available then.  How about this time?"  "Oh, no.  I'm not available then."  and so on and so on.  I asked my (new) boss if he would just let me handle the calendar.  My (new) boss said, "Don't worry about it.  This is easy."

Um..., yeah... I know it's easy.  It's just tedious and time consuming.  I guess if they want to pay you $60 an hour to spend time setting up meetings on your calendar, BOOYAH!  However, I believe that's why they justify paying me so little.  My work is not difficult.  I know that.  Thanks for pointing that out to me.

So, my (new) boss is putting the negotiations with HR back to my (old) boss, because he believes that he knows what I do and would be better at telling them what work I do autonomously.  (see, I can even use big words appropriately

At the same time I'm working in an office that's running about 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  I'm freezing.  And I'm getting a little tired of being jerked around.  I'm building some serious resentments.

So what do I do?  Is tomorrow my last day?  (nobody got back to me after I said I would stay on the extra 3 or 4 weeks)  Are they really trying to get me my raise or are they stringing me along until my (new) boss is settled and has a better idea of what the job is supposed to be?  (ie.  he has a secretary now and he doesn't need to run his own calendar.  at least he should know that.)  Should I just go home sick and try to warm up?  (because I think I may be coming down with a cold from working in this meat locker.)

I just finished eating my lunch which consisted of two very ripe peaches.  Delicious.  Although, the feelings I'm having today would have gone so much better with peach pie and ice cream.  :)

And, it's my 31st anniversary of my wedding.  Wow, I've been married longer than a bunch of you have been alive.  :)

361.  I guess being too cold is easier to take than being too hot
362.  Peaches
263.  A nice new boss
264.  An organized office (all the boxes are unpacked and put away)
265.  Getting my "feelings" out of my head and out on the blog
266.  Comments from readers. 
267.  A water cooler that dispenses HOT water for tea
268.  Sweaters
269.  Socks
270.  Gloves


  1. happy anniversary! i am going to be a terrible influence and say i would take a box and clean my desk out tomorrow just to see what they say...smiles.

  2. I agree with Brian. And, all feelings go well with pie, in my opinion.

  3. Elizabeth StewartAugust 8, 2013 at 4:58 PM

    Good grief, friend. What a confusing mess at your job. I'd be banging my head on my desk. So sorry you're having to go through the chaos.

  4. It is nuts. I do feel jerked around. Today I had to take a mental health day. It's been wonderful.

  5. such a rotten roller coaster of nonsense you've been dealing with. and very patiently too. bless your heart. hope you figure out what's best for yourself ...soon.


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