Friday, August 2, 2013

A dangerous blog

"Our blog is currently invite only. If you would like to read the blog, you may message us your email address.  We will allow readership on a case-by-case basis. Once we leave our current location, the blog will be made public, but right now, for the safety of our family, it is a private blog." 

I wonder what they are writing that puts them in such danger?
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346.  Friday
347.  The weekend
348.  Not working
349.  Laughter
350.  Coffee in bed on Saturday mornings


  1. ah it depends...i imagine there are a few places in this world that would def like to silence people...i imagine that girl that got shot on the bus for speaking know....

  2. I know this blogger is NOT taking on the Taliban.
    Nope, she's just much braver behind a computer screen than she is in
    real life. She's TERRIFIED of speaking to me face to face.

  3. this seems a little creepy. If they're in such danger, why write a blog?


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