Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shuffle up and deal

Circle the table with
The Smiling Guy
I’m the Pony Tail Girl
My strategy is to flirt, attack, then go in for the kill
Shades’ a chaser, that flush never comes
Smiley can’t pass a flop, he buys in every hand
I’m silent but deadly, 'till I go all in
I win!

Lately my employment situation has been dicey.  I've got to figure out a way to earn.  Maybe I'll find a new profession in gambling?  Keep an eye out for me on Poker After Dark. 

361.  Mental health days
362.  Lady Luck (it's a real thing)
363.  Smiles
364.  Winks
365.  Laughter
366.  Potato chips
367.  Reader that comment on my blog
368.  Butterflies (but not that one on your shoulder)
369.  June bugs on my neighbor's crepe myrtle, not mine
370.  Friends that give GOOD advice


  1. ha. i hope you do better at the tables than i do...that would put me in the poor what happened today?

  2. I, happily, took a mental health day.

  3. Happy Girl!!!!!!
    Welcome Back...:-)
    Gambling will Really depress you Sista.
    But I realize that this is Fiction!
    Sorry about the Unemployment, but you are way too
    Talented and Smart to be off work forever...You'll see.
    Loved your Card Shark Week 55
    Thanks for playing
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End
    Here's a hug...(((((HG)))))

  4. Oh, nice! Just watch for the "tell"!

  5. I'd starve if I gambled to support myself. No luck for me.


Comments from my readers bring sunshine to my day. They make me so happy.