Friday, August 16, 2013

How to throw your happiness away with both hands

Focusing on everyone’s story except your own

Waiting for the perfect moment

Working for nothing more than a paycheck

Harboring feelings of hate

Holding tight to worries and fears

Dwelling on difficulties

Seeking fleeting contentment

Trying to make a big difference immediately

Holding on to someone who hurts you

Magnifying the importance of physical beauty

I'm taking a moment to focus on the stumbling blocks to my happiness.  I thought they may be interesting to you, too.  I found them here.
Linking with G-Man for a Friday Flash 55

421.  Yay, yay FRIDAY
422.  A co-worker said I looked happier lately.  She thought it might be because I have a new boss.  Maybe?
423.  One day closer to having my husband home
424.  I blogged for 5 days in a row
425.  One day closer to having an unpleasant co-worker leave (who knows, maybe that's how they will think of me one day.  :P)


  1. Great post. The #1 way in which I throw way happiness is by letting myself care too much about the state of the house. If I don't keep the mentality that whatever will be, will be, I get upset. Because the fact of the matter is that I have five people in this house who seem hell-bent to undo whatever I do. If I don't let it go after doing my best, I'm pissed in no time flat.

  2. The first two are the ones that always get me. Number eight trips me up too. Great post. I needed that reminder.

  3. Thanks for this. I have certainly done a few of those in my life.

  4. Happy Girl!!!
    Things are looking up it seems?
    At least you have a co-worker!
    Loved your positive outlook 55
    Thanks for playing (Two weeks in a row), I really appreciate it
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. mmm true that....there are so many ways to throw away our happiness...there are times i try too hard in helping others that i forget to take care of myself...and that in the end robs me of my happiness

  6. I love everything you say there--it is so true!
    However, I hate Disqus.
    Well, nothing's perfect!

  7. good thoughts and reminders here. thanks. oh and an fyi, my relationship with my one and only brother is not what it once was. his wife has issues that she likes to cause trouble for some of us, mainly me. sigh. she's one of those people i don't hold on to because of that. it's sad when i can't see my niece or nephew and their families due to her problems. but this is life....

  8. ... so, once these are all cleared up, it's smooth sailing? ha Probably not, but at least the load will be lighter. :)


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