Monday, August 12, 2013

Otakon, 20th anniversary!

Otakon (OH-tə-kon) is an annual three day anime convention held during July/August at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland's Inner Harbor district. The convention focuses on East Asian popular culture (primarily anime, manga, music, and cinema) and its fandom. (definition from Wikipedia)

My son is a fan.

My husband is a great guy.  My son had been planning to go to this convention for a year.  He was planning to go with a buddy.  Said buddy got married this past year.  Buddy's wife said, "no way are you going to that convention and blowing $400 like you did last year."  I had given my son 2 nights in a Baltimore hotel for this convention for his birthday gift.  Going alone didn't sound like that much fun, but he really wanted to go.  My husband, being the great guy that he is, went with him.  Throughout the weekend I received pics of the GREAT TIME they were having.  I texted my husband and asked him if he saw anyone there his age or older.  By the end of Saturday he texted me back and said YES!  He had seen three people his age or older.

It was a HUGE crowd and there were lots and lots of people in costumes.  Evidently this convention is a very big deal.  Here are a few of the pics that were sent to me over the course of the weekend.

I'm really glad I didn't have to go.  This doesn't even look like a little bit of fun to me.

35,000 people in attendance

My guys
381.  Weekend on my own 
382.  Girlfriend time (she came over for dinner and a movie)
383.  Thai restaurants that deliver
384.  The ability to make my son so happy
385.  My husband
386.  The desire to clean out a closet
387.  The energy to get some of the closet cleaned
388.  A better attitude about my job
389.  Still being ok with whatever my job turns out to be
390.  Coffee

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  1. nice...very may remember i went to a comic convention with my son a few weeks back...we were just in baltimore week before last...i bet my son would have loved it...looks like a that your hubs went with him...very cool


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