Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have just spent the last week in hotels.  I think I'm a fan of the hotel room.  I think I should make my house more like a hotel room.  I love the minimalism of the hotel room.  I love having everything I need in a small space.  I noticed all the storage opportunities and the elegance of simple furniture.  One of the things I REALLY noticed was the plethora of mirrors.  Wow!  I have spent the last week seeing myself from every angle possible.  This was not a pretty sight.  In fact, the sight of me from every angle, at potentially any time of the day or evening really put me off my food.  All I could think about was, "oh my...  I must stop eating and lose weight."

I wonder how I am able to put off looking at myself for so long and then be shocked at the reality of myself when seeing my image EVERYWHERE I looked?  I'm thinking about putting more mirrors in my house.  BIG, full length mirrors.  I'm thinking I should put them near the refrigerator.  And maybe some more by the couch.  And, another one or two in the bathroom.  Near the shower.  Mirrors do tell the truth, don't they.  Yep, I now know what people walking behind me see.  I'm so sorry people walking behind me.  I didn't realize it looked so bad back there.
One thing about the mirrors I enjoyed, were the mirrors on the sitting room walls at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe.  Because of the mirrors I could see the sunset over the mountains no matter where I stood in the room.  Breathtaking.


  1. oy, i def dont need

  2. I know just what you mean!

  3. So where did you go?  I want to hear about it. 

    I love hotels, too, but same here, too many mirrors is no fun.  I ride a high rise elevator about once a week for work that is all mirrored.  I spend the whole way adjusting my clothes and reminding myself I need to do that teeth whitening thing again.

  4. The thing that strikes me when I see myself in hotel room mirrors even more than how fat I am, is how damn old I look too! I think when we are at home we get used to looking at ourselves in the mirror at a certain angle and with subtle lighting too. :D

    Very depressing.


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