Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Balloon ride

Indigo skies await me
Held breath and cold feet
How high will I fly?

Colors glow
Fires blow hot air
How soon will I fly?

Crowd grows
Spines will chill
How many will fly?

Soar, float, rocket high
Blast into the sky
How can this craft fly?

Hot air, cool breeze
Calm hand, shaking knees
How long will I fly?

Cluster of colors
Gather in groups
How do we fly free?

I break from the pack
Float above trees
How free from earth am I?

Sweet silence is mine
Peacefulness find
How it quiets my mind.

Yet gravity wins
All flying must end
How long must I wait to rejoin the wind?

images by Mark Smith


  1. Takes me back to my one and only hot air balloon ride!  And to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico last year.  Can't wait to go back...only up, up & away this time!!

  2. Lovely! I so want to take a hot-air balloon ride, one day! Have you gone?

  3. nice..i love hot air balloons...would love to ride sad that the flying has to stop... : ( smiles....

  4. I like your poem!  Makes me want to paint...not sure why...just does! :)

    Haha, your comment on my blog made me laugh...then blush! ;)  "a Rock Star with the camera" Awwww, thank you! :)  I think you made my day!

  5. Becky @ Farmgirl PaintsSeptember 21, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    beautiful!  i've always wanted to go on one.  scary but exhilerating all at once.

  6. Did you really get to do that? I would love to! Gorgeous pics.

  7. Lovely imagery! We have a balloon glow in nearby St. Louis and it's always a highlight to ushering in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

  8. No, unfortunately, I haven't been on anything but a tethered balloon ride.  All my imagination.

  9. I love this my friend!

  10. I used to want to go on a balloon ride . . . now I think I am "too old"!  (Actually more scared of heights)!  Thanks for sharing!  It was easy to visualize!  

  11. That is lovely, happy girl.  It makes me want to get in a hot air balloon and soar.

  12. You pursue happiness so well.

  13. Beautiful! I too have only been on a tethered balloon ride. I feel better when I know there's a bit more control, but your poem made it sound very calming.

    I'm having a happy little giveaway on my blog this week. If you like cookies, stop by and enter.

  14. Though earthbound we can fly above the firmament...

  15. suzy @ somewhere a melodySeptember 22, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    I love how this poem "soars" in words and images. Simply beautiful. And the last stanza is so perfectly reflective of our individual journey.
    "How long must I wait to rejoin the wind?"
    Or maybe notice that I'm already a part of it :)
    Thank you for your comment over at my place!

  16. i agree with suzy. this poem soars, friend. well done! (i'm afraid of heights but you make me almost want to fly :))

  17. i love love love this .. and wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet post! I agree with emily.. makes me want to fly!

  18. What a gorgeous poem about a balloon ride! Did you really go up in a Balloon?

  19. "How long must I wait to rejoin the wind" - I love that. As my parenting began, I used to wonder, "How long before I rejoined my career" - and then I found I was in a totally different, fulfilling air current!


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