Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kisses from my son

My son is kissing me on the cheek every day
I try not to flinch
We have had so much distance in our lives
Since he became a man.

My son is a mystery I cannot solve
His expression mostly flat
I have no hint to the thoughts in his head
Since he was three years old.
My son needs extreme sensations to emote
A reaction to an event or feeling
There is no subtle emotional response
He hurts himself to feel.
My son is kissing me on the cheek every day
I try to accept
His efforts to convey love to me
Since it does not come naturally.

My son is my heart and soul
I want a perfect life for him
Life handed him high hurdles
It's hard to watch him jump

My son is  slowly growing wiser in life
Making efforts to navigate this world
Uncharted waters I don't understand
So I'll provide the life boat.

My son is kissing me on the cheek every day
I still feel the stubble of his chin
No baby kisses anymore
He's making a choice to show me love.


  1. I don't know the back story on your son, but I'm assuming it is full of pain. Great poem, though. Thanks for sharing it. Your imagery pulled me in right away!

  2. smiles. i am happy for the positive changes and both of you...

  3. Parenthood can be so difficult. I'm sorry for the rough patches but glad for the kisses you receive (and deserve).

  4. That's lovely that he is giving you kisses. 

  5. This got me right in the heart.

  6. As soon as you mentioned that he was kissing you, my heart melted.  It sounds like God is bringing healing to your relationship. :) 

  7. we have a 12 year old who we cant understand so I can understand where you are coming from...I love your poem about kisses from your son. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. i love this peek into your home, into your son's heart... and i love how you're letting him love on you. xo


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