Friday, October 19, 2012

Setting a goal

Boss:  Happygirl you need to set a goal for yourself this year.
Me:  Ok, I will.
Boss:  So, what is your goal?
Me:  I’d like to take a creative writing class.
Boss:  Oh?  How would that apply to your job?
Me:  I think it will make next year’s annual budget report a real page turner.

I'm linking with G-man for a Friday Flash 55

625.  Juice making with my son this morning
626.  Oyster Festival (nothing better than a belly full of beer and oysters)
627.  Leaves tuning colors and starting to fall
628.  Apartment hunting (aka as dreaming of a place on the beach)
629.  Waking myself to reality and being satisfied with what I have


  1. I think that is a wonderful goal and you're well on your way to being a creative writer because that was funny.

  2. HG....
    You take a Creative Writing class Every Friday, and as of today, you are carrying a grade of A+...
    Loved your 55.
    And I also LOVE Oysters boiled, steamed, raw, stewed, stuffed, smoked, Rockefellered, canned, and the shells make GREAT ash trays!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. It would make it more entertaining for sure.  :)

  4. oh i do so hope he said yes!  i like how you think!

  5. LOL.  I'll bet.  

  6. hahaha...i bet that went over well....

  7. Heehee - yes, a page-turner!

  8. Hi! It seems to me you've got that creative writing part down, but the inspiration of learning from others is always worth the time.

  9. Oh, I remember when I used to write those cliffhangers. Clever one!

  10.  He said yes.  Now I've got to convince the professor to let me in the class.

  11. :)  Budge reports need some life breathed into them!  

  12. I think you show great perspicacity and should be promoted instantly. Great 55.

  13. Love the oyster festival. I can eat about a bushel it seems!

  14. haha!  creative!

  15. classic - bureaucracy must make God laugh!


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