Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy tunes

Letting a smile be your umbrella is easier to do when it’s
raining pennies from heaven.
Smilin’ through the pain will
keep the devil away.
Just like dwelling on your troubles will
bring you down.
I want to bring you sunshine.
I want to share the joy.
I won’t be your Debbie Downer no more.

I DARE you to watch this and not laugh.  I double dog dare you.

I'm linking with G-man for a Friday Flash 55 with a musical theme.  I've been a little bit of a downer lately and I'm praying the weekend will help me flip this frown upside down.  Enjoy the music.

614.  Laughter
615.  Music
616.  Comedy
617.  Theater
618.  Anything that diverts my attention from my troubles


  1. HG....
    You just can't be bubbly all the time!!!
    Endeavor to persevere My Friend,
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. bringing joy is a high calling...smiles...anyone we can get to smile is a blessing...

  3. Great play on the titles here. Debbie Downer always made me laugh...Have a great weekend.

  4. That video is just what I needed!

  5. Blessings as He brings joy to you & all of grace.  Jen from

  6. Wait, this one comes with homework? Oh noes! (I like it anyway :) ) Here's mine: New Deal

  7. I did laugh!  Thanks for that.  I love it when the cast of SNL got tickled like that.  :)

  8. happy is better!!
    have a great week!

  9. solid poem and classic SNL - great post

  10. I see you haven't posted for awhile. Hoping it's not because things have gotten worse. Hoping things are looking brighter for you. I will be praying for you and hoping things will get better.

  11. Debbie Downer is one of my favorite characters!!!

  12. Just checking in on you and hoping you're doing better ;)

  13. i'm missing you. are u okay?


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