Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten habits I will develop

I tried to title this post Ten habits I need to will develop, but Blogger won't allow me to do the cross out thing in the post title.  haha  Even Blogger is keeping me in a positive frame of mind.  Gotta love it.

I've gotten in some pretty bad habits, of late.  I wonder why it is so much easy to slip out of the good habits of exercise and eating right and into the bad habits of sitting on the couch and eating and drinking too much.  Hmmm?

I want to:
  1. Go for a walk every day with my husband
  2. Do the stretching exercises for my plantar fasciitis
  3. Floss daily
  4. Resume selling on eBay (anybody want to buy a Lladro nativity set?)
  5. Do some core work daily (sit-ups or planks or crunches, something)
  6. Cut back on my alcohol and snack consumption (inversely, drink more water)
  7. Do 100 squats every day at work
  8. Start clearing the crap off that table in the office room of my house
  9. Moisturize my skin every night
  10. Eat my dinner at the table and not on the couch
There.  These are 10 things I want to develop as habits.  Is this too much?  I lie to myself so much.  I tell myself I want to do these things and then I slack off and sit on the couch and play Scramble With Friends with my husband.  I sit on the couch and watch three episodes of The Killing and laugh at how many scenes show it raining in Seattle, WA and remembering that my friends moving back to Seattle tell me Seattle has great weather and it really doesn't rain that much.  I avoid going for the walk with my husband because I know my foot is gonna hurt like a m***a when I get home and I'll barely be able to walk to the bathroom in the morning.  I avoid doing the exercises because... they're boring and they hurt.  I haven't done any selling on eBay because I'm tired on the weekends and I have just enough energy to do my chores and then I'm done (stick a fork in me).  I don't floss and moisturize because I've sat on the couch until it is so late and I'm so tired I barely have the energy (and sobriety) to brush my teeth and put my jammies on, let alone floss and moisturize.

I've heard that no one changes their lifestyle until the pain of remaining where they are becomes greater than the pain caused by changing.  These changes will be painful.  There is no doubt.  I know you've heard me whine about this before.  I'm a yo-yo dieter and exerciser.  I do it for a while, then I quit.  Well, it appears I'm back to doing it for a while.  Wish me luck... and perseverance.  :)

368.  Second chances in life
369.  New study starting in my small group... the gospel of Mark
370.  A husband willing to walk with me, if I'd only agree to it
371.  Time to see if doing the plantar faciitis exercises work before I make a doctor appt and see if I need surgery
372.  The goal of having pain-free feet for a trip to NYC in Feb. 2013
373.  The experience of knowing that if I do the ab work and walking, my energy level will increase 


  1. Errr I know all too well what this is like and I hate the back and forth and inconsistency of it all.  Good luck!

  2. hehe core will understand tomorrow...smiles....the walk with the husband is cool...and eating at the table...some nice habits...and focusing on several areas

  3. You said it, it is always easier for me to sit on my couch than take a walk or eat carbs instead of celery. Good luck with your new list, but know you are not alone!

  4. Good luck!  Does your foot exercise involve rolling your foot on a can?  That's what my doctor told me to do years ago when I had that.  Soak my foot and then roll my foot on a can of vegetables.  My brother-in-law got such a kick out of that when he and my dad were moving me to the condo I live in now.  I realized when after they took the sofa out that a can of asparagus had been under the couch and when they came back, I said, "I guess you wonder why there's a can of asparagus there."  BIL said, "No - don't tell me, I'd rather just guess."  :)

  5. what a great list!--new follower here!

  6.  yep, can rolling is one of the exercises.  :)

  7. Why, oh why can't I keep it off?

  8. I always floss and don't drink, but the rest of these...I'm with you!  Just found your blog through another one and like your writing.  I'm following.  :-) 

  9.  Thanks so much for the follow.  I'm so glad I resonate with you.  :)


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