Friday, June 1, 2012

300th post

Wow!  300 posts.  I feel like 300 is a pretty big milestone.  After all, if you bowl a 300 you've bowled a perfect game.  That's pretty incredible.  I think I bowled a 220-something once, but I've never bowled a 300.  (I even have my own bowling shoes, although I haven't bowled in years)  The movie 300 was a pretty popular movie and Gerard Butler is pretty darn easy on the eyes in that flick.  If my batting average was 300, I would be considered a pretty good hitter.  I'm going to say that blogging 300 posts in a year and a half is a pretty big accomplishment.  :)

It appears my 300th post isn't going to be all that profound.  It's Friday and Friday's are notoriously difficult blogging days for me.  It's difficult for me to come up with a topic on Friday.

I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Tomorrow is my son's birthday.  He will be 25.  I don't know why, but for some reason 25 seems so much younger looking at it from 55 than it did when I was 25.  When I was 25 I thought I knew everything.  I had been living on my own for four years.  I had a good paying job and I was paying all my own bills.  I even got married when I was 25.  I got married and moved away from my family and friends in Chicago and moved to Jacksonville, FL where the only person I knew was my husband.  Yep, just my husband and he left immediately on a nine month cruise on the USS America (CV-66).  I can't even imagine my son doing this.  Anyway, he asked to have a black forest cake for his birthday.  I, therefore, ordered a black forest cake.  I have no idea how to bake a black forest cake.  Fortunately, the bakery does ($22 for a 6-inch cake, yikes).  I wanted to try to bake a picaken, but he thought that sounded too weird and wasn't interested in it at all.  (Seriously, if you don't know what a picaken is, click the link)

We are going to see the Hunger Games on Saturday.  Remember, I told you (here) I bought Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (LGF) stock back in February.  Well folks, so far, it wasn't the investment I hoped for.  Nevertheless, I'm not locking in my losses yet.  This thing is a trilogy, remember.  I'm holding it for the long haul and we'll see what happens.  :)

Another reason I'm looking forward to the weekend is because we are going to have a gigantic fire at our house.  My husband and son are going to burn another huge pile of debris left over from Hurricane Irene.  It is so satisfying to see those branches and logs go away.  It really does help to erase some of the bad feelings still lingering from having a tree crash into my house.  While we're having the Big Burn, we invited some friends over to enjoy the event and share dinner with us.  We haven't seen this couple in a long time.  They went to the church we left and, for reasons unknown to me, stopped having contact with us.  We kept trying and, voila', they are coming over for dinner.  (It's only taken four years)  This makes me very happy.

You can see, I have a fun-filled weekend planned.  All I have to do is provide the follow-through.  I know I can do it.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

321.  My son and celebrating another milestone year
322.  Reconnecting with old friends
323.  Cleaning up the yard
324.  Enjoying an entertaining movie with my family and friends (yeah, we're bringing along some guests)
325.  Finding an outlet for the tiny bit of creativity I have, in blogging

Eye candy :)


  1. That's a lot of posts and yours are always well thought out, too, which takes time. 

    Happy birthday to your son!  That's a good cake - black forest, but I'm intrigued by the picaken.  I might try that and use the frozen pie and cake mix.  :)

  2. You will have to take pics of the picaken.  Thanks for being such a faithful reader and linking your blog to mine.  I'm so lucky to have a blog friend like you.  :)

  3. Happy Birthday 25th birthday to your son! (I got pregnant on my 25th birthday!) And congrats on your 300th post! Here's to many, many more!

  4. Thank you.  I am so looking forward to meeting you face to face one day.  :) 

  5. Congratulations friend!  Have a great weekend with the bon fire.  :)

  6. happy birthday to your son...happy 300 to you...and thank goodness that is posts you know...smiles....enjoy hunger games...have yet to see i am not helping your stock...sorry....

  7. Hello Miss Happy Girl, hope you have an amazing weekend reconnecting with old friends and celebrating your son's birthday. Enjoy all of it and enjoy The Hunger Games...loved that movie!

  8. Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!!  Gma remembered, but I put money on that she is going to forget to call today, we shall see :)

    Did my mom tell you she read all 3 Hunger Games books?  I have them on kindle. 

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Next door is shaping up and will be all set in a month!!!

  9. Hoping your weekend turned out great!!!

  10. Congratulations on 300 posts! I hope your son had a great birthday too. :)


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