Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A glimpse into retirement

Today I got a peek into my future.  I took the day off of work.  I call this a mental health day.  If I hadn't taken today off, I may, very well, have quit today.  Between the anticipation of a trip to visit my parents that has turned into a full-fledged family reunion and the extra work passed to me because of the retirement of a coworker, I started to feel a lot of stress.  If it was just the work or just the anticipation of the trip, I would be ok, but the combination of the two was giving me chest pains.  This makes me feel weak.  I'm not going to get into the details of either of the issues, but the trip isn't just a trip (I like to call a trip to visit family a "working" vacation) and the extra work isn't just more work (can you say more responsibility with no authority?).  I'm home from work and I'm not physically ill or going to a doctor appointment.  What I am doing is getting an opportunity to see what my newly retired husband does as a retired guy.

It looks awesome.  If today is an example of what retirement is like, SIGN ME UP!

Today I watched my husband sleep until 9 a.m.  Then he got up and shaved and brushed his teeth and made an espresso and turned on CNBC.  Good morning.  Today was considered a working day for him.  He's watching Apple and looking for a $3 pop today to sell a call and make some money.  So far Apple is is up $0.08, so no trade yet.  Fingers crossed.

Then lunch.  He had leftovers.  I think he ate the leftovers because he knows it makes me very very happy for my men to eat the leftovers from dinners I make for them after working all day long.  I makes me kind of mad to toss out the leftovers from dinners made by my exhausted hands.  Anyway, it made me happy to see him eat the leftovers.

Then, he told me I needed to do something with the lamb I have thawing in the refrigerator.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to be tasked to cook at 12:15 p.m.  Yeah, it was awesome.  I hope he wasn't hoping he could have dinner by 5 p.m.  I mean, I know he's retired, but we're not doing that early-bird dining thing just yet.

Next, I went up to the bedroom to turn the tv on to something other than CNBC and possibly take a nap (no dice on the nap).  A few minutes later, he came up to his office to work on his dissertation paper.  (the never ending dissertation...)  He popped his head in the door to ask me to turn the tv down (I think it was tuned to RHOOC, so I totally get the distraction.  those women bitch and whine like nobody's business).  I tuned the tv back to CNBC.  I guess I like watching (read listening) to this more than I thought I would.  Still watching to see what Apple is up to (down $1.57 bummer).

The plan, for me, is to make dinner and that is all.  My husband has a meeting to attend tonight, so I'll try to have dinner ready by 6 p.m. to allow him to leave on time.  This is going to be the extent of my activities for the day.  I completely get how lazy I am.  I'm surprising myself by writing a blog post.  I was thinking this may even be too much effort for me to expend today.  I'm still having waves of panic run through my body, but they aren't as severe as they were this weekend.  I hate the sick feeling I get in my stomach when I'm under stress.  That small knot of fear balled up in my stomach causing stomach acid to pour in to try to dissolve it.  Since there is nothing actually in my tummy, the acid just burns, burns, burns.  Ah, stress...

Husband just informed me he is going downstairs to run on the treadmill for an hour.  He is awesome.  He has such discipline.  He loves to run on the treadmill and watch CNBC.  I, on the other hand, am happy to sit in bed and type my blog.  I'm considering taking a few minutes to read more of my book.  I'm currently reading compendium one of The Walking Dead graphic novels.  LOVE IT.  I'm halfway through.  I know, I know I said I would exercise, but... I'm sick today.  (cough, cough)  Let's see how Apple is doing... (up $0.22, c'mon AAPL)

I had the opportunity to check my email and found a gem.  The International Space Station will be in the view of many US states.  The ISS is incredible to watch as it goes across the night sky. It is brighter than anything else, save the Moon, and really moves quickly.  This website gives you the times and coordinates for whatever location you want.  I found the viewing time and duration for my area.  It's tonight at 8:57 p.m. and be available for viewing for 2 minutes.  It will approach the viewing sky at 43 degrees above ESE and depart the viewing sky at 12 degrees above SE.  I don't know exactly what that means, but I'm going to the sighting help information on the website.

I was happy to have my glimpse into retirement today.  I learned a few things.  One thing I learned is that there is nothing on tv worth watching during the day.  Another is that reading tweets is considered news.  Seriously?  Reading tweets is news?  What is the world coming to?  On the positive side I learned that I'm going to LOVE retirement.  I cannot wait.  (just in case my boss ever reads my blog, I CANNOT wait, just sayin'

396.  Paid sick days
397.  Prayer
398.  Tums
399.  More prayer
400.  A pretty day in June and time to enjoy it
FYI, APPL is up $0.23.  It doesn't look like we're going to get the $3 pop.  (not every day is a winning day)


  1. He he....full fledged reunion is right.  I'm exhausted and it hasn't even started yet.

    We went up last weekend so that we could have a "relaxing weekend" because next week will be far from relaxing!

  2.  I know.  I told my brothers to correct me if I say anything other than "you could be right" to my father.  And, Jack is not coming.  I think he's good with that.  :)

  3. nice....sounds like you had a very good glimpse of what life might be like then....that is cool...so the lamb will be ready around 6...hmmm....prob cant make it in time...smiles....

  4. Visiting my parents can be stressful too. I can only handle 3 hrs at a time. Good for you for taking a day off. 

  5. Funny.  It's amazing how much we enjoy a day off!

  6. I hope you got to see the space station anyway.  

  7. You make me smile! Glad it was a great day with the hopes of more to come.


  8. I bet you will love retirement.  You guys can have early bird special lamb all the time!  ;)


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