Friday, February 17, 2012

My office space in 55 words

Killing time in a cubicle
Listening to my neighbor’s sighs and yawns
Phones ring, facebook dings, email pops up
Urgency, then done


Killing time in a cubicle
Overhear my neighbor’s call
Movie dates, which one to see, laughing way too loud for me
She tells me all about it

Where's my scarlet swingline stapler

Telling a story in 55 words. Go see g-man.


  1. Fun poem for a not-fun place! I remember those days all too well...

  2. Happygirl...?
    Joining the Friday Funfest eh?
    Sometimes reality is the greatest inspiration!
    Loved your 55...
    I hope you found it to be creative, challenging...And FUN!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. hehe so glad i am not in cubicle world any more....i knew way too much...great to see you at 55s!

  4. Whoever designed the whole cubicle thing must not have had to work in one...right? Have a great weekend Happy GIrl!

  5. This totally covers it!  Great 55!

  6. Makes me appreciate my home office. That red Swingline sits on my desk!

  7. laughing way too loud for you! ha! I probably laugh too loud for people. It's the genes! my dad laughs way loud. What a funny post!


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