Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poison ivy

Fear took me over and stirred my thoughts
Mixing the compost of dark thoughts through my fertile mind
My imagination grew a vine of dread with thick strong stems
I try to pull them out
But the root stayed firmly stuck, in my brain

Foreboding a future I cannot foresee or control
Roots of fear work their way down my throat
I choke on them as they work their way inward
I try to change the taste from bile to honey by thinking sweet thoughts
But the taste is bitter and lingers on my tongue

Panic fills me when I contemplate life's transitions
Employment ends, classes begin, life twists life turns
I feel the roots work their way to my belly, acid flows
It bubbles, it gurgles and roils.  Pink potion please
But I vomit the vitriol of fear

Cold sweat covers my skin as I wipe puke from my lips
I try to wash it away and rinse sour spit from my mouth
I glimpse myself in the mirror I see the terror in my eyes
Spiral tendrils twisting through my hair and fingers sprouting leaves
The vine of dread bloomed full in me

Praying the break of dawn with sunshine rays to kill this creeper in me
Shift the shadows, shine the light
See the forest for the trees, all is darkest before dawn
Truth lies in axioms of the ages
I can brave another day


  1. wow you wrote this? it is awesome...excellent verse...and emotive for sure...ugh our imaginations have a way of getting the best of us at times as well dont they...

  2. HAPPYGIRL! This is so true! Sometimes fear comes to my mind and I think I'm over them, but then they come back. I'm reading this at the perfect time. I little bit of a rollercoaster over here and it's all in my mind.

  3. Wow girll, you know how to paint an actual picture. Fear is crippling. Praying it's death grip let's you go and peace floods over you.

  4. Thanks brian.  The compliment means a lot to me.

  5. My grandad used to be very allergic to poison ivy. He decided, one day, that he was sick of it. He ate a bunch of it. It about killed him. But, after he recovered, he never had another allergic reaction to poison ivy. Sometimes I think we just have to take the plunge. I'm excited for you. You're awesome! You can do it!

  6. Powerful writing about fear.  Everyday I pray the verse,  "I will not give into fear or evil foreboding but I will have a glad heart regardless of circumstances."
     I prayed as you asked me too.  God loves him even more than you do and has a good plan for him.


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