Friday, January 6, 2012

An angel colors my hair

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.  Hebrews 13:2

I've been studying angels.  It is an interesting and enlightening subject.  Guardian angels, angelic hosts, warrior angels, strangers as angels, there are a LOT of angels.  I think my hairdresser is an angel.  If she's not an angel, she is the next best thing to an angel.

The day before yesterday (Wednesday) I had to have a root canal procedure.  It was a BIG root canal.  Four roots.  An hour and a half in the chair not counting the time it took to become numb with whatever numbing stuff they use these days.  I also had a hair appointment scheduled two hours after the root canal.  My hope was I would be able to get my hair appointment and get colored and cut before the Novocaine wore off.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.  Instead, my hairdresser said I could come in the next day for cut and highlights.  I was grateful.  So, instead of getting my hair done, I went home and made dinner for my family before the Novocaine wore off.  Good.  I then swallowed the maximum amount of Tylenol allowed and crawled in bed.

When I arrived at my appointment yesterday the shop was dark and empty.  I was sure I had screwed up.  I remembered this day was Thursday.  My hairdresser closes her shop on Thursdays.  As long as I've been going to her, the shop has been closed on Thursdays.  I guess when it's a week with a holiday on Monday and you're talking on the phone while driving your car just after you have finished spending two hours in a dentist chair having him scrape and poke and drill and generally mess around with the inside of your mouth, you can forget what day it is.  And, I did just that.  I forgot this day was Thursday.  I forgot.

The art gallery next door to the salon was open and an artist was sitting at a desk.  She said, in her exotic Portuguese accent, the salon had been closed all day.  I knew, just at that moment, I had misunderstood the time and day of my appointment.  Darn.

Just then, my hairdresser stepped through the door.  She had come into her shop just to do my hair.  And not only did she come in just to do my hair, but she brought me a sweatshirt to wear under the smock because she knew it would be cold in the shop.  The shop had been closed all day with the thermostat scaled back to 58 degrees.  She is an angel.  She opened her shop, just for me and thought of my comfort.  She is definitely an angel.

We chatted while she foiled my hair and we waited and we drank wine and she washed and she cut and she styled my hair.  All during the time it took to cover all my gray and make me feel pretty again, I kept thinking, "she did this all for me."  I can't explain how special it made me feel.  It was such a gift.  During our chat she asked if I ever wrote about her in my blog.  I said I thought I had once, a while ago, but I wasn't sure.  I want to be sure next time she asks if I ever write about her in my blog.  I'll be able to tell her, YES.  I wrote about you and I wrote that I believe you are an angel.  I pray for God to bless you, Bren, and send his angels to gather around you and protect you from every bad thing.

If you ever find yourself in the mid-Atlantic and desire to meet the very best hairdresser and colorist, go to the Salon and meet Bren.  She's an angel.  :)


  1. cool blog... very very nice :)


  2. woo hoo...that is angel just for you...and your hair...smiles...what no pictures?

  3. i love how God shows up through people like this, and loves us all up. what an incredible gal.

  4. That was so thoughtful of her!

  5. What an angel - that's lovely that she did that. My hairdresser washed and blew dried my hair a couple of days after I had eye surgery a couple of years ago and didn't charge for it. I wasn't supposed to shower for a week. A nurturing spirit like your hairdresser.

  6. This was a beautiful gift for you and for her too. People feel great when they do a nice thing. It's good all the way around.

  7. We are all blessed having an angel watching over us.  Sometimes we fail to see them.

  8. RealizeYourAmbitionsJanuary 9, 2012 at 2:23 AM

    So lovely your hairdresser decided to make the time for you... maybe drop her some surprise flowers!


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