Friday, November 11, 2011


Veterans Day, 2011.

I'm glad our country sets aside a day to honor the brave men and women who have served our county, whether abroad or at home, whether at war or in peace-time.  It is amazing what our country has provided to the world with an all-volunteer armed service force.  Many countries have mandatory military service.  The U.S. does not have mandatory service.  There is debate as to whether or not this type of service would be a benefit to the U.S.

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Mandatory military service would mean upon leaving high school, a man or woman would enter the military for at least two years of military service.  This being said, the young man or woman would lose certain freedoms for a short period of time.  Let's call this the negative aspect of this issue.  Some positive aspects may include an increased patriotism in our country, possibly a greater idea of what direction these young people want their lives to take, and, let's not forget, they will receive training of some kind while serving in the military.  Most likely, up to this point in their young lives they have been babysitting or flipping burgers.

This is just something I was thinking about on this day, as I thank my husband and all the other veterans of this great nation.  As I think about those people camped in tents in Zuccotti Park and sitting on the steps of various state capitol buildings banging their drums.  As I think about our nation's job market and the contemplation of the government forgiving student loans, because that art degree or psychology degree didn't provide a job at the same financial level your parents live or the level Paris Hilton lives, for that matter, and you find, you are not able to pay back your debt.  What will this teach them?  Who knows what a couple of years in military service would do for these young people?  Who knows what a couple years of military service would have done for those working in the financial fields?  Maybe two years of military service would have instilled a bit of integrity to replace some of the greed that put this county in the financial crisis it finds itself today.  Maybe?  maybe.

Thank you, sweetie, for serving in the U.S. Navy for 20 years.  Thank you for continuing to serve our country in the private sector by supporting the Navy and the U.S. government.  You are a man of great integrity and honor, and I'm glad to have been at your side as a proud navy wife.

I hope my American readers will fly the flag today.  Shake the hand of a veteran.  Notice the ship name or company name on a ball cap or t-shirt.  These patriots do not hide their identity.  It just take a few seconds to notice who they are.  I'm proud to be an American today.


  1. I echo the pride in our veterans, happygirl.  I hope your husband has today off! :)

  2. Sending a big thank you to your husband AND you!  And, I'm flying my flag today.

  3. Thank you for honoring our men and women who serve. Thank you to your husband for his service. My son tried to enlist in the military for many of the reasons you gave. He was disqualified for a medical condition, however. I had mixed feelings because I have a lot of pride in our nation's military. As a mama, however, I can't say I'm not disappointed he isn't in Afghanistan. Anyway. Happy 11.11.11 Happygirl!

  4. thank your husband for me...there are definite benefits to mandatory service and down falls as well...if it was mandatory there certainly needs to be clarity that it is not just middle and lower class citizens...of course then that would keep it from ever getting passed...

  5. thank you, mr. HG. your selfless service is a rare and beautiful thing, and we are grateful.

  6. Hi Happygirl,
    I sent you a private email. I hope you got it.

  7. Yes - Thanks Mr. H.G. for your service. BTW - my son graduated from basic training on 11/3 and we are so proud of him. From what we have seen so far, it has been an experience that has changed his life in an amazing way. The military might have broken and rebuilt him - but God was in it - and it has blessed this mama!


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