Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why social justice doesn't work and OWS won't make a difference

This is a parable called the River.

A group of people are standing at a river bank and suddenly hear the cries of a baby.  Shocked, they see an infant floating--drowning--in the water.  One person immediately dives in to rescue the child.  But as this is going on, yet another baby comes floating down the river, and then another!  People continue to jump in to save the babies and then see that one person has started to walk away from the group still on shore.  Accusingly they shout, "where are you going?"  The response:  "I'm going upstream to stop whoever's throwing babies into the river.

The moral of the story is to get to the root of the problem, right?  If we get to the root of the problem then all will be well.

I don't have to travel all the way upstream to tell you what the root of the problem is.  I can tell you now.  The problem is sin.  The problem is always sin.  And the problem will always be sin.

If I go upstream and find an evil man throwing babies into the river I cannot take the evil out of the man.  If I kill the evil man, there will be another to take his place.  If I go upstream and find a daycare built against the river with no barrier between the children and the river and see children falling in the river, I can talk to the owner.  I will find a lazy or greedy establishment, unwilling to do the work or spend the money to provide a fence.  If I build a fence to protect the children at this establishment, another establishment will be erected further up the river with lower costs, and there will be no fence.  Babies will continues to fall into the river.  

We cannot depend on government to save us.  We cannot take greed or sloth or vanity or wrath or envy out of government any more than we can take it out of a man.  Only Jesus can change a heart.

We cannot do anything about the root of the problem.  Only Jesus can fix the problem.  All we can do is jump in the river and pull out as many babies as we can.  When we, the Church, agree to waste its time searching for and attempting to fix the root of the problem we are only spinning our wheels and wasting our time and resources.  There will always be sin in the world until Jesus returns.

The Church is the body of Christ, just as the Bible describes.  Jesus met individuals where they were and in the condition they were in, he didn't meet with political figures and try to change the system.  I believe Jesus said something like, pay your taxes or render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.  I believe the religious / political leaders didn't care too much for Jesus.  They rejected him.

So all you ministers, pastors, priests, Sunday school teachers, Christians who are promoting or participating or beating a drum for OWS.  You are not being the body of Christ.   Jump in the river.  Save a baby.  Social justice is a waste of your time here on earth.


  1. ooo controversy...haha...should i really disagree with you? smiles. you make a compelling argument...and i agree sin is the issue...i am not sure how you are defining social justice for one are you saying we just let life take its course and allow God to steer the ship and if people die or are not given opportunity it is Gods will they suffer and so it should just be? we will just be jumping in the river forever and never really solving anything....i dunno this probably makes little sense but i am interested in hearing counter arguments...smiles.

  2. I understand your frustration, but I think it is up to us to at least try to do something about the capitalists, the elitists, and the government offices and officials that they have purchased, while poor and average income people suffer. 

    In Matthew, Jesus said we are to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, etc., if we are to be recognized by God. God is not going to magically "fix" things. He has put us in control of the earthly realm. We have to fight so that innocent voices are heard. Maybe you're right, the fight is endless, but I'm in it anyway - at least with vocal support. I have already pulled my money out of big banks years ago and started supporting local credit unions, which is one way everybody can have their voice heard. Not that I had very much to pull out, lol, but it's the thought that counts, right?

  3. I admire that you are in this for the long haul.  The blaze behind your words is strong and necessary to have the momentum to follow our convictions.  As your heart leads so should you follow.  Blessings~ Janae

  4. What is social justice, as preached in the church?  And the church I’m most familiar with is the
    Methodist Church.  I know something about
    the Catholic Church, but I’m not saying I’m an expert.

    I’m very suspicious of churches that preach social
    justice, otherwise known as forced redistribution of wealth under the guise of
    charity and/or justice.  Along with the
    chastisement that if you are rich, you’ve kept somebody else poor.  The short answer to this definition is,
    socialism, but we’re not allowed to say this in pleasant company.  We have to watch our words.  I will be asked, what about Mother
    Theresa?  She gave her life to social
    justice.  I say, Mother Theresa met the poor
    and needy where they were.  She never
    forced money out of anyone’s hand to distribute among the poor.  She went to the poor, herself.  Jesus asked us to love our neighbors.  He reminded us to care for the widows and
    orphans.  He didn’t ask the government or
    his apostles to redistribute the wealth. 
    God loves a cheerful giver, but He doesn’t take the money out of our
    pockets.  I think this is all I should
    say, for now.  Maybe we can chat another

  5. I honestly haven't been following the OWS hype, so I can't opine in that regard.  But I am a fan of systemic change and I do believe it's possible despite our general human crappiness.   We've seen it happen under bold leadership; Martin Luther, Mahatma Gandhi, MLK Jr, Mother Theresa.  These people started movements that changed the world.
    The body of  the church can't just be hands and feet, it must also have a head - The Church can save the babies ~AND~ stop the assailant.

  6. wow. amen! amen amen amen.

    i love your passionate heart friend. and i love the comment you left on my post yesterday about the definition of a mother, and the synonym being masochist or saint. so good. love to you.

  7. Interesting perspective.  My disagreement with you on this stems from the definition of social justice you're using.  I see social justice as being broader and not necessarily even including redistribution of wealth.

    On the other hand, I agree completely that morality can not be legislated.  The government cannot make us decent people.

  8. pulling out those babies sure is sore, cold, lonely work.  and frustrating -- the same lil' guys keep finding their way back in!! ...but somehow, Someone keeps warming us, strengthening our backs (all the same, i have a thing or two i'd like to say to the Big Players).

  9. smiles. i am always up for a conversation on it...and might even argue that jesus was a socialist...much more than a what is right, love mercy, and live humbly...

  10.  Thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog.  I am honored.  I wish I shared you optimism on the Church.  The folks you mentioned made changes, I agree.  But, be alert.  The meaning of words are changing.  I don't think MLK Jr would recognize social justice in the church today. 
    I won't say anymore, 'cause I'm giddy that you really read my words.  :)

  11. I agree with you.
    Our government has been ordained to govern and protect us (not financially provide for us). I think we have the right to speak out if we don't see it living up to that expectation. Companies have not been ordained to govern and protect us- hence shouting about how they need to shape up seems pretty pointless. I am all for laws that protect us from harm and fraud but I don't think punishing success is productive.
    From what I can tell having read all Jesus said, he usually operated on the personal level. Every man taking account of his own heart and letting his actions proceed from the word of God. Jesus did not chase the rich young ruler down the street and He let the false followers ignore the need to clothe and feed the needy until the ultimate judgement came. If Jesus operated on the personal scale, respecting free will and he was God on earth, who am I to say I can do it differently. One of the reason Jews hated Jesus is because He would not overthrow the Roman government (who for the record were all about centeralization of wealth in Rome).
    God understands his creation better than we do.
    I love the Church, the body of Christ, even if it is sick and struggling.  This world would radically change if  the true Christ followers would embrace sacrifice on a personal level in Christ name. Your whole life has to be on the alter- hobbies, finances, relationships, house, cars, etc... when God has full use of all of  you, you are more effective that a million person protest.

  12. I respectfully disagree.  I like the idea that we can pray and walk at the same time.

  13. What a great analogy.  We need both people of course, the one rescuing the babies downstream, and the one fixing the problem upstream.  Thanks for visiting my new blog!  I really appreciate it. 

  14. I think that we very much need social justice in its true definition. Without it, there would still be slave, women would not vote, etc.  
    I fully think that we need to be vested in giving our opinions.  Without voices unified no one will hear the lone one crying out.  
    I think that my Higher Power does not expect me to stand aside but participate in doing the next right thing, whatever that may be.  Just my take. 

  15. And there is the rub, Syd.  Social justice in its true definition.  Be alert, these words no longer carry the same meanings.  Thanks for checking out my blog.

  16. HAHAHAHA.  Wow, you really had me going for awhile there!  "Social justice is just a waste of time...."  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I was irate reading your post, because it was so lame and small minded and downright ignorant. THEN, I realized you were trying to be funny!!!!!!! D'uh!  Sometimes, it just takes me awhile to get it.  Love your sarcasm and LOVE how you used it along with  satire to get the TRUE point across.  That being of course...the OPPOSITE of what you so wittingly said in this post!  Glad I found your BLOG.  Keep up the good work...we need more BLOG comedians out there.

  17. I had this page open for quite a while, wanting to reply, since my entire career is pretty much built around trying to 'be Jesus' to people by helping them in practical ways.

    But... life has run away with me during the last couple of weeks so it feels outdated, to say the least.

    So I won't say much, except that, I really firmly believe that... we have to try. Even if everything you said is right, we still have to try.

  18. Reminds me of the parable about the guy on the beach at low tide throwing starfish back into ocean. Another man walks up, watches him for a minute, looks at the thousands of dying starfish stranded on the beach, and says to the first man,"Why are you wasting your time doing this? There are thousands of starfish here. You'll never make even a tiny dent in how many die.You'll never make a difference." The first man looks at the second, then looks down the miles of beach taking in the thousands and thousands of starfish he won't be able to save compared to the few he will. He then bends down, picks up a starfish and throws it into the ocean and says,"It made a difference to that starfish." 

    The argument that no single person can get rid of all the evil in the world is a farce. Why even get up out of bed and write this post? Odd. 

  19. Social Justice cannot exist when the people fighting for it many times are just as, and many times more sinful, manipulative, and hypocritical as their targets. SJW's are many times just evil people using justice as a guise to recreate the world in an image that panders to them.

    They lived in an age where EVERYONE got a trophy for existing. Especially the females. And many times, they grow up into pathetically privileged and under disciplined ignorant people who will only continue to demand slavery from anyone who doesn't meet their specific and unnatural expectations.


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