Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tamoxifen is my friend

Yes, those words tasted pretty bad, but they are true.  I haven't posted about Tamoxifen and me for a while.  Since it's October and all the manly American NFL players are sporting pink on any part of their uniform that will not interfere with the recognition of their team colors, I will ponder my 10th month on Tamoxifen.

I'm going to begin by saying, I thank God I do not have breast cancer.  I am grateful every day that I do not have this horrible disease.  I know I've been flippant about my side effects and the like regarding Tamoxifen, but, so far, I don't have breast cancer and this is the whole job of this drug.  Tamoxifen is supposed to keep Happygirl from getting breast cancer and it is doing it's job.  Thank you Tamoxifen.

I am also grateful I do not have the worst side effect of Tamoxifen, endometrial cancer.  I know I whined and complained about the many tests I endured to ensure I did not have this disease, but now that all that is in the past and I hardly remember all those doctor appointments and the invasiveness of them and the fact that I had to leave $25 on the nightstand.  I will say, thank you Tamoxifen.

Don't expect me to leave this post about Tamoxifen as being all kittens and puppies and butterflies.  Here are the hard facts.  I typically have two hot flashes EVERY day.  One occurs at 7:30 in the morning, as I drive to work.  Thank you, Tamoxifen, for the giant sweat stains under my arms every morning.  Another occurs at 9:00 in the evening.  Thank goodness it's dark at this time of the year as I typically have to go out on my front porch and take my shirt off.  (tmi, oh well)  Occasionally I will have a third hot flash during the day.  It always comes when I'm enjoying myself and usually when I'm with other people.  I love turning beet red and flowing sweat in the middle of a conversation.  (not)  The night sweats are continuing.  I am grateful it is autumn and will soon be winter and our home is heated with a heat-pump.  (read, this is not seriously considered heat)  I'm sure my husband won't mind freezing to death every night while I finally get a bit of sleep.  I do have one little ray of sunshine on the sleeping issue.  Valium.  This is great stuff.  I understand you can become addicted to it, so they won't give me very much of it, but this stuff works.  I've had a few really great nights of sleep under the influence of this drug.  Better living through chemistry, sometimes.

I will sign off with another hearty Thank You to Tamoxifen.  Also, any ladies reading, remember to get your mammogram and be vigilant with the girls.  If you forget I mentioned it, watch some football this Sunday and ask your husband why all the players are wearing pink.


  1. Hot flashes suck, but I'm glad the drug is doing what it's supposed to be doing.

  2. ugh discus is giving me headaches today...better than hot flashes though...smiles. i am glad youhave this to keep cancer at bay...had my own scare last week but it was non cancerous...cancer sucks...has touched too many..soglad you have this...

  3. Did you have breast cancer before?  I am not really familiar with this drug.

  4. Lynn, I have a high Gail score regarding a risk for breast cancer.  Tamoxifen is now being used as a preventative drug.  In short, it removes estrogen from your body.  Estrogen is fuel for cancer cells.

  5. Oh those beloved hot flashes...leaves you red faced and sweaty at the most inopportune times...also gives me a panic attack if I can't have fresh air immediately!

  6. Can you believe the panic thing happened to me just the other day.  I was outside, albeit in a crowd.  I just HAD TO get outta there.  I needed air.  The 10 year younger friend I was with thought I was a little nuts.  She will pay for that comment.  :/

  7. I'm glad that it's helping you (even though it has some yucky side effects). I have a friend who takes it after having breast cancer. Sometimes we just gotta take what we have to, the good with the bad. You have a great attitude.

    I love when the NFL goes pink. :-)

  8. I hope that you will remain cancer free.  Every drug has some side effects.  As long as you are checked regarding the endometrial cancer,  hopefully you can endure the hot flashes.  


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