Wednesday, October 12, 2011

See the Light

Red light!  Stop!
Halt all action on the street.
99% are taking over.
Take my picture.  Instagram.
I'm a tweeting bird on the wireless.
Greed, lies, it's not fair.
Arrest me!
Where's my trophy?  I got a C.  
Good enough. 72% is passing.  I got me a degree
In theater. I deserve the best.
What more does it take to pay the rent?

Yellow light!  Caution!
Slow down anonymous rhetoric and think.
You bought the dream.  You signed the form.
Pay the piper, pay the debt.  With interest.
You're on your knees in protest now.
When did you ever turn and bow?
To God
Blame the man.  Don't look down
At your iPhone, flat screen, data flow
On mom's plan.  She owes me
Doesn't she?  I didn't ask to be born.

Green light! Go!
Get a job.  Raise your family.
Stay with the wife you chose.
It's all grass, everywhere, none is better anywhere.
You don't need more than you have.
Be content and be generous
To all.
What goes around will come around.
You aren't entitled to the good life.
Don't believe the lies.  Repent your sin.
Return to truth.  The real truth, not yours.


  1. Wow, Evelyn. This is powerful. And pretty unhappy, I think. Do you want to come over for coffee? I just bathed the girls and dressed them in clean jammies: put them down for a nap. So it's peaceful. (P.S. It would be so stinkin' weird if your name really WERE Evelyn.)

  2. That is very powerful.

  3. "The real truth." We're all still seeking it. In the reds, yellows, and greens.

  4. woohoo way to break it off...wicked flow to your rant there and truth, yes truth not the personal opinon given as belief....nice....

  5. Nice post - I really like your structure, and your take on the modern world.

  6. I like the last sentence.  The real truth, not yours.  The problem with the world today is that they want to make up their own truth.  Truth is truth whether we believe it or not.  I am so thankful for Scripture.

  7. in a word: inspired. love every bit of this, hg.

  8. Yes!  I love this.  So true... so pertinent   

  9. oooh love it.... very catchy and intelligent. this one would be great as an audio. xo

  10. I'm thankful for Scripture, too.  My touchstone in this screwed up world.

  11.  This is what I hear ALL THE TIME, "my truth."  What the world does that mean?  Why can't they just say, "my opinion" and be done with it.  :)

  12.  I'd LOVE to come over for coffee.  But you live kinda far.  I may go to Richmond, VA one day and hook up with your Tea group. 


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