Thursday, October 13, 2011

What makes you Happy?

I thought I'd take a couple minutes to think about things that really make me happy.  A few things came to mind immediately.  It was funny, but they were all birds.  It makes me happy to see goldfinches on my bird feeder.  It makes me happy to see hummingbirds flitting around my flowers and feeder.  It makes me happy to see a bluebird sitting on the basketball backboard in the morning.  It makes me happy to see a heron in the pond in my back yard.  Such simple things and they make me smile. 

It makes me happy to accomplish a task I've been planning to do and to do it when I planned to do it.  *sigh*  Like making tomato sauce on Sunday from all the tomatoes I froze over the summer months.  It makes me happy to floss my teeth at night before I go to bed.  It means I'm not so exhausted I'm unable to properly care for myself.

It makes me happy to know my husband is pleased with me.  To know I've helped him in some way.  It makes me happy to watch my husband laugh at something that just tickles him.  It makes me happy to see my son happy.  I love seeing my son laugh.

It's funny, if you would have asked me years ago what I thought would make me happy I think the answers would have been quite different.  I think the answers would have involved trips or gifts or outings, but now the things that make me happy are much simpler and smaller.  I'm glad they've become simpler and smaller.  I'm glad because they are easier to attain.  My happiness comes much more often now.  I can find it in my kitchen or outside my window.  I don't have to look very far to find happiness.

If you have a minute, please tell me what makes you


  1. i def think there is a correlation between happy life and happy spouse...i am happy when she is happy...particularly with me...ha....and when i am the out doors....

  2. Lovely, I like so many of your happy things!  I think they are truly things that not only make us happy, but bring us joy! :) 

    Lot's of things make me happy!  Reading your comments on my blog is one of them! ;)  :D  I always appreciate those! :)  I might have to take inspiration from you and post a happy list one of these days!

    You asked about the red pepper jelly I had mention on my blog - sorry, but it's not MY homemade jelly it was my parents.  Though I hope to learn how to make it next year!  But it's also sweet and not spicey - sorry no help from me. :S

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. My mother's sweet voice when she says "hello?" at the beginning of our daily 4:30pm call.  She has Alzheimer's/dementia, so it's like talking to a stranger now.  It never fails to make me happy that she is so well cared for and at peace in her own world.  Yesterday she was delighted by the manicure someone gave her and the peach polish. 

  4.  I'm so glad you can find happiness in such a difficult situation.  I think it's the BEST kind of happiness.  :)

  5. My daughter's hug, my son's smile,my husband's happiness, my parents voices when I talk to them back home in India, the view of my backyard filled with roses from the kitchen window, sunshine - yes, the list can go on like this, but as I make my list, I am glad it is these things that make me the happiest! Thank you for this post and I think I will make my complete Happy list too soon...
    love your blog, love pink, love Audrey Hepburn!!
    do drop by my blog when you can - would love some feedback..

  6.  A happy wife is a wonderful thing to behold.  :)

  7. I like your list! Especially the tomato sauce. It actually made me a little sad and nostalgic to realise that we don't do things like that here in Su Dan! But it should make me excited because in 1 week I'll be back in the UK, hopefully starting to do things like find bushels of tomatoes on sale at the local greengrocer then make tomato sauce. Or just going to a greengrocer in the first place. And walking there at a brisk pace in brisk weather. Having friends who care about whether I make them happy or sad will be nice too. I guess I have a nice long list of things that I think will make me happy and hope will make me happy. For today? Chocolate cookies and grapefruit juice will have to do the trick.

  8. I absolutely love all of your blog  posts! They are so insightful, inspirational, and most importantly down to earth! I started writing a blog as part of a uni assignment and I am struggling a bit- but reading your work has inspired me- i don't have to sound all fancy, i just have to sound like me, and talk about what i know, love, believe, and what makes me happy. So i just wanted to say THANK YOU. Reading this really made me happy :) And so do purple jelly beans, travelling, dancing, and being my friends who make me LAUGH!. Have a wonderful week!

  9. I just wrote a blog post about my love and infatuation with travel.  It's scheduled to post in a couple days but travel makes me happier than most things.


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