Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maybe there is a "do over" in parenting

Yesterday I wrote a post about there NOT being a "do over" in parenting.  I'm not a Mommy Blogger, but I am a mom.  After I posted this I started thinking about it.  A lot. 

Yesterday's post kinda made me look like I was/am a bad mom.  I'm not a bad mom.  I don't think any parent is a perfect parent.  I made mistakes in my parenting and I shared those with you guys.  I just wanted to put a little experience, hope and strength out there in the blogosphere.  I'm trying very hard to be the encouraging and inspiring parent we all want to be.  And, I want my kid to move out of my house and live life on his own terms,... soon.

This led me to this thought.  Hey, maybe I will get my "do over."  How, you may ask? 

Maybe I'll be a grandma some day.

My mom and her great grandson


  1. finding_the_beautyOctober 25, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    I thought it was a great post. Real, raw, and probably what a lot of people think but would never say. I found it encouraging!

  2. yes you will but then you get to spoil them rotten...ha. you are not a bad mom...smiles.

  3. An exciting thought - being a grandma.  I'll bet you will love it.

  4. I like your idea for having a do over.  But I bet that you are not a bad parent.  I knew that I had no talent for it so decided to let others  who did do the job--hence, no children here. 

  5. We are all infallible in the parent world.  No one can do it perfectly but so many try to.  This leads to a lot of overcompensation through generations.  Doing the best you can and giving love is all that's needed!

  6. What a cute little boy!  

  7. Thanks. I think he's such a good looking little boy because he has a beautiful mom and a very good looking great-aunt. :)


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