Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Schoolchild Haiku

Northeast wind blows cold

Glittery flakes are flying

Please, be a snow day


  1. ha. we are on 2 hour son wishes it was a snow day...

  2. lol. I love snow days. We haven't had one yet this year in our new state of colorado! It's beautiful today, sun shining, not a cloud in the sky... but I would've loved a snow day. :)

  3. i remember this from when my kids were young...they loved snow days!!

  4. Snow days were my favorite growing up! Such fun memories.

    About your comment on my blog...yes, that does make sense! Asking to learn is also fearing that we are opening the way for the prospect of a challenge to learn from. I wish I had a better base of God's word to keep me from rocking so much. But I suppose that is what I have had to learn as well. :o) God Bless you richly today.

  5. loved this. loved the "glittery" especially. how do you paint such beautiful pictures with so few words?


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