Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow day!

I read this blog from Barbie about taking care of herself.  She said she didn't have time to take care of herself because she was so busy with all all her responsibilities, like her full-time job and taking care of her husband and teaching her children.  She was putting herself last on her to-do list.  She was finding that most days (oh, let's not kid ourselves), every day, she wasn't making it to the bottom of her to-do list.

Even before I read her post I have been thinking about all the things I wish I would do for myself, but I don't because I'm too tired.  My list isn't even all that decadent or self indulgent.  In fact, most of the things on my list of things I wish I would do for myself are good things.

I want to:
  • floss my teeth every night
  • use retin A two or three nights a week
  • use my masque two or three nights a week
  • use lotion on my skin every night (the tamoxifen is so drying)
  • exercise my body, just a little 
  • read my bible every day, just a little
  • write on my blog four or five times a week
Today I had a snow day.  (it isn't snowing, but the school is closed anyway, BooYah!)  I woke up at 4 a.m. and saw that it had not snowed, so I wasn't expecting this gift of time.  This time is a godsend, in the true definition of the word.  So far this morning I have use my masque, slathered lotion all over myself and I'm writing my blog.  You can't even imagine how good this makes me feel.

Lately it's been very busy at work.  And, I've been sick (again).  I got whatever was going around the school a second time.  Crummy.  It's just not the same being home sick and being home not sick.  I feel like I can get something accomplished.  I'm one of those weird people that think I can get things done at home, even when I'm sick.  I can't, of course, but I think I can and then I'm disappointed in myself. 

Since I didn't really plan for this snow day I didn't run to the store for all the staples.  (you know, vodka, olives and brie)  Since I'm home with no junk food, I'm going to have to eat healthy today.  I've got more than two dozen eggs, so I see a quiche in my future.  My son wants me to hem the sheers he bought for his sliding glass door, so I see sewing in my future.  My husband reminded me we are going to Old Town Alexandria for the weekend and we only have plans for Saturday night.  Since we are going up on Friday I suggested we call some friends we haven't seen in a couple years and see if they can have dinner on Friday.  (yay! they can)  You cannot believe how good this makes me feel.  I am an introvert and making the effort to see friends can be a real effort for me.  I'm proud of myself for thinking of it and then actually making the call.  She's a teacher, so I guessed she was having a snow day, too.

I'm going to read a chapter in Job after I publish this post.  I love reading Job and being reminded of keeping faith, even when things aren't going my way.  I love reading about who God is.  Speaking of reading the bible, there is a special 5-part series on the History channel called The Bible.  It's very good.  I've only seen the first part of the series.  I'm looking forward to watching the whole thing.

I am inspired by Barbie's post to take time for self care.  I think Steven Covey called it "sharpening the saw."  I need to make my tiny list a priority for each week and not just on a snow day, but I'll take any time for myself I can get.

Look for me to comment later today to see what I accomplished on my snow day.  If you're having a snow day, enjoy yourself and let's be careful out there.  (so Hill Street Blues.  look it up.)

203.  The gift of time
204.  My restored energy and being healthy
205.  Leftover Italian wedding soup for lunch
206.  Super deal on The Walking Dead Compendium 2 on Ebay
207.  Praying for people I've only met on the blogs
208.  Old friends
209.  Blog friends


  1. we do need to take that time...and stop making excuses...because in the end what we do actually accomplish will not be our best if we dont take care of ourselves.....snow day here too...enjoy yours...

  2. We were w/o power from early this AM til about 6 pm. We stayed inside but had a lovely day. I did miss Cade, who was at his dad's. I'm glad you had a snow day and that you made good use of it.

  3.  No power is a bummer, but at least you got it back before the sun went down.

  4. I hemmed the sheers for my son.  I baked an egg and napini casserole and used 10 eggs.  I did two loads of wash.  I invited my son to come over for dinner and encouraged him to take more of his stuff to his house with him when he left.  I read the first two chapters of Job.  This was a great snow day.  btw, no snow fell at all.  it was all rain here.  :)

  5. I'm glad you got a day for yourself!  Have a fun weekend away, too!

  6. Those snow days are precious.  Sound like a pretty good one.  Up here, in the great white north, they just make us go to work anyway.  Last week 200 buses got stuck!  

  7. I'm from Chicago, so I laugh about our "snow" days that turn into just rain or even nothing.  But, yikes!  200 stuck buses.  That may have ended up costing more than shutting down would have cost.

  8. You've inspired me!  I am absolutely going to take a little time for myself today.


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