Friday, March 8, 2013

International Woman's Day

Love us
Respect us
Look us in the eye, not 12 inches lower
Treat us as well as you would like to be treated
Appreciate our abilities
Pay us an equal wage
Allow us the same educational opportunities
Use your manners around us
Admire our beauty, but don’t objectify us
Honor us as human beings

215.  Having a weekend getaway with my husband
216.  Liking myself just a little bit more today
217.  Working an indoor job
218.  Indoor plumbing
219.  Being able to shower everyday
Last night I dreamed I was in the Zombie Apocalypse.  It was pretty uncomfortable.


  1.  Good thoughts, but, alas, still fiction, I'm afraid.


  2. hey i celebrated the women in my life today....smiles...

  3. Happy Girl!!!!
    Welcome back in all your Helen Reddy Glory!
    Don't fall off your soap box
    Fantastic Feminine 55
    Thanks for returning to the Friday Funfest
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  4. I celebrate the women I know every day. They are warriors.


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