Friday, February 15, 2013

Retirement (they say you just know when it's time to go)

Should you stay or should you go?
Do you leave them wanting more?
Or wait ‘til they want you to go?
Pull your finger out of a bucket filled with water.
That’s the void you leave behind.
Soon your name won’t even be a memory.
Think on that while you decide…
What’s best for you.

Linking with G-man for a Friday Flash 55
Pondering what to do.  Fight for a raise or retire...  What to do?

168.  My conscience
169.  Lessons in civility taught to me when I was young
170.  The people in my life that can tell me when I'm wrong
171.  The people in my life that encourage me
172.  The people in my life that will just listen
173.  The people in my life that give good advice 


  1. Happy Girl....
    Do you like your job?
    Do you like your Co/Workers
    Do you like your boss ?
    Is your pay OK?
    Stay..... Just a little bit longer!
    Loved your pondering 55
    Thanks for playing, I really really look foreward to your semi-angst weekly offerings, have a Kick Ass Week End... G

  2. take it from one who knows ......... you go!

  3. Kaitlin @ Homemaker DesignFebruary 15, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    I don't know - maybe it's like falling in love or when you buy a house - you just know! (like your title says)  But after the year I have had (and thank you again for all of your sweet comments and care!) I say, Retire and LIVE!!! :)  ♥

  4. eh, if you deserve it fight for the raise...keep retirement in your back pocket if needed...weigh the options and outcomes ...make a decision...smiles.

  5. goo luck...tough decision for anyone!!  the best advice I just read was to retire TO something...

  6. If you like the job, fight for the raise. If you don't get it....GO!!!! Make yourself happy,.

  7. This shit is TOOOO real right now for me...

  8. oh, this is fragile, tricky stuff--but i suspect you'll figure out just the right course of action. praying for wisdom for you. and i LOVE your thankful list. those are some rare and beautiful gifts!


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