Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Everyone needs to have skin in the game

So much of how you view life depends on whether or not you have skin in the game.

The quote, "having skin in the game" is attributed to Warren Buffet.  It refers to the situation of owners purchasing stock in their own company.  The "skin" refers to equity and the "game", the investment vehicle.

I listened to two speeches last night.  I listened to the president give his State of the Union address and I listened to Dr. Benjamin Carson's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast from five days ago.  Both speeches included commentary on the state of our economy, taxes, education, and health care.  Both speeches were given by black men.  Both speeches were given by professional men.  One is a doctor and one was a lawyer.  Both speeches were given during the same week. 

There were certainly differences in each of these speeches.  I won't go into the huge portion of the State of the Union address that had to do with gun control.  Maybe you feel that is the most important portion of the president's speech.  It wasn't.  Or, at least, it shouldn't have been.  The most important issue the president should be talking about is the economy.  Because, even Bill Clinton will tell you, it's always about the economy.  Our president talked about slowing the fiscal deficit by taxing the richer American's at a higher rate.  I don't know how many rich people you know, but the few wealthy people I know won't keep their money in the US if taxes keep increasing on them.  Taxing people with resources to leave the country or take their businesses out of the country or do their banking out of the country, won't solve our problems.

Dr. Carson's speech talked about the economy, too.  He talked about a flat tax.  He didn't give a percentage, but he did indicate that all people should pay the tax.  I know Dr. Carson isn't an economist.  I do know there are a lot of people who would agree a flat tax is the way to go.  (Remember Steve Forbes?)  But the percentage isn't what caught my attention.  The thing that caught my attention was who would be paying the tax.  The "who" would be EVERYONE.  No matter if you were on welfare and food stamps or making millions, you would be paying taxes on your income.  Some may think taxing those on welfare on their welfare income is weird.  I, for one, don't think it is.  The poor use welfare as their income.  I use the money I earn at my job as my income.  I'm taxed on my income.  When all are taxed on their income, whatever manor of income they bring in, then all will have skin in the game of the economy of our nation.  When you have your money in the process of our national economy, you will care much much more about how that government spends your money.

There is just something about having no investment in the working of our government that keeps people from fully understanding how government works.  I spoke to a 23 year old woman the other day.  She was receiving food stamps and financial support from the government.  This is also known as welfare.  When asked if she knew where the money she was receiving came from, she said, "the government."  When asked where she thought the government got the money they were giving her, she said, "they print it."  She is not a lone voice in the wilderness of the entitled.

I hope you can find 27 minutes in your day to listen to Dr. Carson's speech.  I hope it gives you the hope it gives me.  I see Mr. Obama sitting and listening.  I hope and pray he heard something that gave him something to think about, as well.

Continuing gratitude
150.  I was taught not to steal
151.  I was taught not to look for handouts from people
152.  I was taught to ask for help when I need it, but not to let it become a habit
153.  I was taught to save for a rainy day
154.  I was taught to pay God first, pay myself second, and then pay those I owe
155.  I was taught that paying my own way, when I can afford it, gives you a great feeling
156.  I was taught when I can't afford it, I have to do without
157.  I was taught not to throw money at problems.  I need to do the work
158.  I was taught to take care of the things I have
159.  I was taught to believe people when they tell you who they are.  When they tell you they steal, they are a thief.  When they tell you they lie, they are a liar. 


  1. Hello, randomly or by fate I came upon your blog and read your above post. I enjoyed it very much and like to be reassured that other people still hold the same beliefs I do. :) thanks for making me smile!

  2. there are plenty of people not on welfare that have no idea how the government works either...we are an ignorant people...that is why education is not important and continually least we have assault rifles though...those create budget cuts...ha.

  3. Everyone knows money grows on trees Happy Girl--c'mon. Get with the program... Oh wait don't get with the program. I too listened to the speech by our President. Very Robin Hoodish...of him. most wealthy Americans by his standards are already doing a great service to our country by providing J O B S to Americans. J O B S give people the money they need to live without having to go on welfare. Flat tax sound good to me. Even God asks for 10% from everyone. You make a dollar. That's 10 cents, a million that's 100 grand. If you have the ability to prosper in whatever capacity you are not going to need a hand out. Yes let us help the truly poor and infirmed. But let's not fool ourselves about what constitutes true poverty and true wealth.

  4. I was always taught that the branches of our government were a checks and balances system.  I guess with executive privilege being threatened right and left, if Congress doesn't do what he wants, someone didn't hear the same lessons I did.

  5. I appreciate your thoughts and will take time to listen to the posted speech. 

  6. did you see Dr. Carson on Hannity this past weekend?  He was on for the full hour.  SOOO impressive and smart.  Such common sense.  I'm a new fan.  Hope he runs for office some day. 

  7.  I saw the last half hour of the show.  He is a remarkable man.  I agree, he's the type of man we need in leadership.  :)


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