Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes I think too much

Did I tell you I had a wonderful vacation.  Yes, it was very good.  Very relaxing.  All good.  I thought about a lot of things while on this vacation.  I guess that's what can happen when you have some unoccupied time on your hands.  I know I've already shared the concept of being more generous, and by starting by using some of that generosity on myself.  So, I won't rehash that thought.  Here's thought number two.

I am old.

My husband and I have been going on vacation to Daytona Beach since we were married.  You see, the first home we had together was in Jacksonville, FL.  It was easy to get to Daytona to "get away" once in a while.  We would have so much fun.  We'd play in the waves.  We'd play frisbee or catch on the beach.  We'd walk up and down the beach.  We'd ride bikes.  Fun fun fun.

Then we had a baby.  We would go to Daytona Beach because my mil lived in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was an easy trip for her to come up and visit.  We were living in Virginia Beach now.  We could drive down the coast and she would drive up the coast.  And, neutral territory, you know, just in case it was needed.  We would have so much fun with our son on the beach.  We'd play in the waves.  We'd swim in the pool.  We'd build sand castles.  We'd dig holes to China.  We'd fly kites on the beach.  We'd push the stroller up and down the beach.  We'd ride bikes together on the beach.  Fun fun fun.

Now we go to Daytona Beach, just the two of us again.  My husband plays in the waves.  My husband walks on the beach and drags me along, but we walk slowly because I'm tired.  No way will I ride a bike.  I'll sit here by the pool.  LOOK, there's a bar by the pool, let's go there!!  LOOK, the hotel has a Lazy River.  This is something right up my alley.  Where did all my energy go?  Let's take an afternoon nap, doesn't that sound fun.  Fun fun zzzzz.

Here's the third thought I had.  I want gastric bypass surgery.

I'm sick of dieting and I'm bad at it.  The more I think about food, the hungrier I feel.  I exercise, but it's more effective to consume fewer calories than burn them off.  I want the bypass and I want it NOW.  I think this may just be the thing that finally finishes this weight issue in my life for once and for all.  There.  I said it.  I've put it out into the world and there it is.  I told my workout buddy and she said, "No, don't do it.  Eat less carbs and more protein.  Eat more veggies.  Don't have those cocktails."  I need to talk to someone else.  She's no help.  I'll tell you, I've lost weight and worked out as hard as I could and I'm still too big.  And, I'm starving.  I think this is the answer.  Let the investigation begin.

Oh, yeah.  I'm tired.  I get back to work and the pile on my desk was HUGE and my inbox was JAMMED.  Welcome back.


  1. that is the downside of vacation...the coming home...and hey you are only as old as you act...so i should hit 17 soon...smiles.

  2. you are hysterical! 

  3. Well, good luck with whatever you do.  Have you seen those commercials for the cookies that you eat with a glass of water before a meal?  They were created by a gastric bypass surgeon.  Less expensive and evasive...maybe try that first?  Your vacation sounds wonderful.  We stopped going when we had the triplets.  Well, we tried a couple of short trips...three boys with autism anywhere other than home is NOT a relaxing time. Sigh.  I'm jealous. 

  4. PS.  Are we going to swap postcards?  Email me your address! :) 

  5. Really enjoyed reading this! I'm now at the '1 baby and 1 toddler' stage of life and the pre-kid holiday seems like a distant memory and the post-child holiday seems like a lifetime away! And all the best with your investigation.

  6. I wouldn't even begin to try to affect your decision on weight loss surgery, but I will tell you one thing:  One of my church friends had gastric bypass surgery and she looked good for a while, but the weight is slowly coming back.  And her friend who inspired her to do it:  same thing.  I saw her the other day and she looks as if she has gained 50 pounds back. 

    Whatever your decision - good luck with it.  I am a yo yo dieter and am sort of sick of that, too.  So now I just focus on exercising consistently and eating a healthy diet that includes dessert sometimes (as you see from my post today.) 

  7.  I've seen this same result, Lynn.  I've also seen a long term weight loss and healthy life.  I'm researching and will make my own decision.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  I LOVE comments.  Agreeing or not, they keep me straight.  xo

  8.  Hannah, I'm so glad you found my blog.  It is amazing how quickly time moves after children come.  I know you can't see it now, but REALLY, it FLIES.

  9. Thanks, I try to find the smiles

  10.  Hahaha, brian.  You're just a man, and seventeen is a great age for guys.

  11.  What about lap-band?  It is less invasive.  Praying for you friend!!

  12. If I go with Brian's idea
    I'd probably be two years old I fear
    With my rhyming acts
    But I'll ignore those tracks
    Don't think I'd ever try the bypass
    If I needed weight off my ummm ass..lol

    Sorry had to be done
    Oh such fun
    And being generous too
    Isn't that nice of you
    At least you live where it's warm
    Although tropical storms are the norm
    My desk is nice and clear
    Doesn't that make you want to cheer
    Or slap me upside the head
    I guess i lost the honor with that said..haha
    Now I bid adieu
    As not to get the boot by you

  13. Becky @ Farmgirl PaintsMay 18, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    i hear ya.  i get so tired of worrying about my weight and it seems that i have to keep on top of it or i just pack it on so easily.  it's exhausting.  glad you had a nice trip:) 


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